Thursday, March 21, 2013

O.C.C Sci-Fi Lullables Spring 2013 

O.C.C held a party for the launch of there new collection on Friday at there store location in New York City.  The collection have 6 new lip tars ($18) and 6 new nail polish ($10) that are anti metallic and gorgeous!! I really like the nail colors because it has a pop as for the lip tars there were only 3 colors that caught my attention.

The NEW Collection
LeeLoo - sparkly orange and gold metallic
Pond - bright royal blue (satin)
Batty - Black w/silver glitter
Electric Sheep - Metallic Lavender
Ripley - Olive Green w/Gold (Metallic)

My favorite is Pond and Batty!!!  I bought Batty for me and Electric Sheep for my sister.  I MUST go back for Pond!  I didn't test 'VIDEODROME' but it's described as a grey teal blue (satin).

L to R: 'Lovecraft' and 'Batty'
L to R: pink/lilac metallic & black metallic w/silver iridescent

L to R: Annika and Clockwise

sorry bad lighting....

'Pris' - beige metallic

I accidently deleted 'Zhora' thinking it was a duplicate to 'Annika' and 'Clockwise' since I couldn't get a good picture of it.  'Zhora' is described as a pale peach with gold/red metallic duo chrome.  Overall, all 3 strike a hint to 'Cha Cha' and 'Kava Kava' except it's not metallic.  Click on link below to see swatches: 

Model - Francisca

As always the O.C.C. party was a great turnout because I love the NEW collection.  The eye pigments are not included in the NEW collection but was incorporatedIt was a pleasure chatting with Francisca who informed me that O.C.C. is developing lip liners so we have to keep an eye open for that :)  Francisca was so sweet!! :)  I highly recommend to check it out.  

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