Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini Haul from IMATS


I kept myself restricted from "going crazy" in buying too much, but I got enough things to make me happy....for  So lets get started:

Mehron -
Cheek Cream 'Tech Orange'

Pretty orange (NO Base)
I don't have any makeup on except the cheek and lips

I LOVE this cheek cream!!!!!  I applied it on the apples of my cheek and then with Benefit Cosmetics 'bella bamba' powder over it.  I really like this combination of colors...very springy/summery and very pretty.  Mehron carries various colors to choose from.  On my lips, I have O.C.C Lip Tar 'Beta' mix with 'Cha-Cha' lipstick from Eve Pearl Cosmetics.  I love Beta!!  It's a pretty orange.  

** Mehron's retails there products at a reasonable price. **

'Mandarina' lip liner (also wearing this on my lip n pic above) The color is mandarine

Barrier Spray

This bottle is WONDERFUL!!!!!  It helps observe and keep you SWEAT FREE.  You spray it before and after application, but make sure you wait to it drys before applying makeup.  I wore this on the last day of IMATS cause we had to help pack up and I didn't even break a sweat, cool!!!  It also helps lock the color from spreading onto your clothes. 

More from Mehron

I like the packaging - metal palette

8 Basic Face & Body Paint

SynWax 1.5 oz/42 gm & 3D Gel Effects 2oz

SynWax is good to create cuts and other shapes including injuries.  It's also good to block the eyebrows.

3D Gel is used to create realistic skin and even prosthetic pieces.  It's available in neutral or better said 'Flesh' and 'Blood Red.'

Colors: Black and Nicotine

Tooth FX is used to color your teeth and provide an extra touch to your look.  Available colors: black, white, nicotine/decay, gold, spinach green & blood red.

* Mehron will be at the Makeup Show in May *

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (O.C.C) -

This was my first time trying any products from O.C.C.  I've heard great reviews about it and there Lip Tars really caught my eye especially there NEW color 'Beta' which is a neon orange (new trend).

I really like the texture of this product, however, it can be messy especially if you apply it incorrectly.  You should apply it with a lip/disposable brush and NOT FROM THE TUBE TO THE LIPS.  Pics of the tube below.
* O.C.C will be at the Makeup Show in May *

Alcone -

I really like this company!  It's like one big candy store that carries many different goodies...just like Sephora.  I really wanted to check them out for 3 things: Makeup Remover Wipes, Brush Cleaner and Skindinavia.  I was excited cause Skindinavia representatives were there but by the time I got to there booth it was at the end of the day.  Skindinavia has great mists that helps reduce fine lines, anti-aging, no sweat, etc.  I didn't get to buy it, but I got to buy the other 2 on my list...

Cinema Secret Brush Cleaner 32 fl. oz.

Eve Pearl and team uses this brush cleaner and I noticed how fast it drys the brushes.  It even has a nice scent so once the brushes dry it smells good. 
Alcone Make-Off Wipes

I got a chance to try these wipes last year and really liked it.  I have sensitive skin but when I use these wipes it doesn't leave an irritation feeling.  

* Alcone will be at the Makeup Show in May *

Blinc -

Brow Moose...

Color - Dark Brunette

The applicator is just like a mascara wand

Thanks to Koren from Enkore on YouTube, he did a haul video on the items he got from the Make Up Show in LA and IMATS and introduced this brow moose.  It immediately got my attention cause I have never been a "brow" person until recently.  It comes in all colors needed.  This moose conditions your brows and it's water-resistant so once it drys there is NO SMUDGING.  Perfect for the coming hot weather.

Miss Adoro False Eyelash -

12 eyelashes (I'm missing 1)

These eyelashes were being sold for 12/$24.00 so $2.00 each.  That's Excellent!!!!

DEX New York -

My 2 FAVORITE COLORS - Purple & Blue!!!!

Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow 'Riverside Purple Sky' (no base applied)



Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow 'Harlem Night Sapphire'

Again, no base applied

I love DEX New York.  When I first got into makeup and didn't know any specific brands out there except MAC, I came across this website.  I liked the fact that they provide classes to teach or advance your skills.  I got the honor to meet and chat with the Vice President at the show and he was such a sweet man.  Throughout the show, I told him that I wanted these eye shadows and to please hold it for me.  On the last day of the show he sure did.  

* DEX will be at the Makeup Show in May *

NOW on to the FREE Stuff - - - - - -

O.C.C - 

After the show finished we all had to stay and help pack and clean up.  After completion, I was ready to go home and walked by O.C.C on my way out when I was told by a staff member (OCC) that I can take what I like.  These products were used for samples, but it's OK nothing that can't be disinfected and cleaned, haha.


L to R: 2 glitter jars and 2 pigment jars

'Ultramarine Blue' pigment

Bright Blue (No base applied)

'Static' pigment

Lavender (no base applied)

'Citrus' glitter (lime green...BEAUTIFUL!)

'Pink' (described as a pale salmon pink)
Lip Tars
 For swatches:

L to R: 'Beta' (NEW - neon orange); 'Reverb' (NEW - red); 'Stalker' (red/pink); 'Complex' (pale neutral); 'Tone' (NEW - pink/mauve); 'Pageant' (fuschia/pink); and 'Lo-Fi' (NEW - mint green)

Nail Polish (L to R): 'Beta' (NEW neon orange) and 'Traffic' (bright yellow)

L to R: 'Yellow' (color corrector); 'Pris' (pale pink - blush/highlighter); 'White' (base); 'Blue' (color corrector); 'Golden'; and 'Sunset'

Eve Pearl Cosmetics -

Fan Brush

Ever since I began to watch Eve Pearl on YouTube, I immediately fell in love with this brush!!!!  I liked it so much that I began to buy dupes, lol.  

NYX vs E.P
NYX fan brush is smaller with thin bristles and Eve's brush is larger with full bristles.  Both brushes are soft and easy to use.  I use NYX to remove fall outs and E.P for blush, contour & highlight.  I was going to buy this brush at the show when Eve heard me asking for it and she told me that I can have it.  It was such an honor!!!!! Thank you once again Eve!!!

Beauty So Clean -

Brush cleaner (bottle) and Disinfect wipes

This is the PERFECT tool to have!!!  Before leaving on the last day of the show, I swung by Beauty So Clean booth and met Nancy.  She was so nice and told me that she was completely sold out and gave me her samples free.  The wipes are perfect to clean and disinfect lipsticks.  She also sells this in a bottle size to disinfect powder, cream and lipstick as well.  The bottle is a brush cleaner. These products can be purchased at Alcone, Eve Pearl and other locations (check website).

Myrabelle Mascara Shield -

I have never heard or seen this prior to the show but now that I have - it's a major asset for your kit if you're a makeup artist or not!!!!  Myrabelle was stationed next to Eve Pearl so this cute lady approached me asking what she can used for her skin.  As I finished helping her she pulled this out and gave it to me.  She was so sweet explaining to me how to use it.  Once I got home, I began to play with it and OMG....sorry if this may gross you out (look below)

So you can use this tool to pull down on your lower lash line and apply mascara and eyeliner onto your waterline.

Repeat the same steps for your upper lash line and water line.

disposable mascara wand and small lash fan brush

The mascara shield is best to use for avoiding smearing onto your face and makeup after applying mascara.  Make sure to always clean it before reusing. 

After a few attempts applying mascara, I tried using my favorite tools (above) to apply.  I love using the fan brush for my lower lashes.  It also works nicely for your upper lashes but I must practice a bit more, lol (plus after wiping and applying over and over I was getting bitchy! lol).  Therefore, I took my disposable wand and bent it a bit - below.... 

This was another good method to use while using Myrabelle Mascara Shield. It's easier to get in there (lashes, lol). 

* Myrabelle Mascara Shield will be at the Makeup Show *

Thursday, April 21, 2011

IMATS in New York - WANT TO SEE WHO I SAW!!!!!!

This was so exciting - IMATS was held for the first (1) time in NYC!!!!!  The event was for 2 days on April 9 & 10 in Soho.  I was fortunate to work with Eve Pearl Cosmetics and team for the second time so that was very exciting as well.  There were so many companies, but limited and the experience once again was great!!!!!

We had to help with "set up" so I was there Friday.

LA Splash booth across from E.P

E.P Booth

Inglot Cosmetics getting set-up

Saturday, April 9th - First Day of the Show and doors opened at 8:30 a.m.

We had to be there at 7:30 a.m. but I had to drop my boys off at the babysitter so I came in at 9:30 a.m. and oh boy was there a LINE....
This is the beginning of the line!!!!

If you think the line was bad it was BANANAS inside!!!!   OK, so when I got upstairs, everyone had their posts and I immediately started to work.  I was asked to keep in charge of everyone who signed a consent form.  Eve Pearl gives a complimentary make over, but one must sign a consent form agreeing to it prior.  The part that gets tricky is that each client gets a photo shoot for a "before and after" and its emailed to the client.  So many people and so many photo shoots and at the end of the day a BIG SCRAMBLE of who is who.  Therefore, I started to work a system by writing a small description of the client and working with the photographer to get the photo ID's (before & after).  I would write this info on each form.  Eve Pearl's booth was CRAZY that I had to form a line for those who were getting a makeover.  The wait was for 15-30 minutes.  By mid day, I began to do makeovers.  At times, when I was working with the consent forms my fingers would each to pick up a brush, lol.  After a few hours, I saw Koren from EnKore on YouTube and he was ALONE, which was UNBELIEVABLE.  As I took my break, I went to greet him and took a photo.  Koren is a Master Instructor and he's just awesome!!  Check out his YT channel -

After meet & greet (so I thought), I began to shop.  I really wanted to check out Inglot but they must have been the most busiest company at the show!!!!  So I stopped at Mehron, which is one of my favorite stores....

After making my purchase, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (O.C.C) was next to Mehron and I have NEVER tried there products so I walked over.  I knew Lauren aka 'QueenofBlening' was going to be there and she gave a review of there NEW Lip Tars so I went to check that out.  As I walked away, guess who I saw...

Lauren and Me
You can check out her videos -
She was so sweet!!!

So after taking this picture, I saw another YouTube guru and as I approached him - it was Josh aka 'Petrilude'

Check out his YT channel -

I was a little surprised because for some reason I thought he was taller, but he was also sweet. 

I continued to look around for a few more minutes before running back and took some pics of attractions ---

Temptu MUA who I met during my waltz'n around came to visit E.P's Booth.  She was so sweet!!!

This model got a complete body paint over with designs of Batman and Superman on his back.  It was hot!!!!

Sunday, April 10 - last day of the show and it was another crazy day.  I immediately noticed that many people brought their children including YOUNG children.  I was so surprised how well many of them behaved (toddlers).  I must say today was even more busier than Saturday.  I decided to continue to work with consent forms again because I had a bit fun with it.  Most of the day, I spent working on the floor so I got a chance to meet & greet many YT gurus--whoohooo!!!   So who else I saw....

Tatiana aka 'Beatfacehoney' 

She's so cute and was also sweet!!

Nikkie aka 'Nikkie' (LOL)

Now, meeting Nikki really BLEW me away cause I would have never imagined that she was SO TALL!!! She was such a sweetie!!!

Nini aka 'Niniluvsmakeup' 

Nini was such a sweetheart!!  She does some wonders with the color 'Blue' (right color for her too).  

Last, I was greatly happy to have met Tate.  He was one of the finalist on Syfi's show 'Face Off.' 

Other attraction pics -

Stila boys...



Royal Brushes....

Wolfie (I think)

She was so nice and posed for me the final look

Sorry, I can't remember what company the following worked for:


This girl was the bomb!!!  She audition for Syfi Season II 'Face Off' and modeled and created this look...AWESOME!!!  I wish her the best.  She was so sweet.

I will post another blog as my mini haul on what I got from IMATS.