Thursday, February 21, 2013

"RiRi" aka Rihanna's NEW Collection w/MAC

Congratulations Rihanna!!!!  Singer (check), Mega Celebrity (check); Actress (check - & I liked her role in Battleship); Designer (check); and now Creator of her own makeup line collaborated with MAC (aside to Viva Glam that promotes to help MAC's AIDS fund) and all at the age of 25.  I'm super excited and can't wait to see this up close.  

Happy Belated Birthday RiRi (Feb. 20).  She shares my sister's birthday except my sister would perhaps wish to be 25 again (shoot don't we all :)

So with all the hype about her on & off relationship with Chris Brown, I'm happy she keeps her priorities in check.  I heard the great news yesterday through the infamous blogger Perez Hilton.  

It's been said quote "The first product to launch will be RiRi Woo, a lipstick inspired by her favorite MAC red, Ruby Woo. Its release will coincide with Rihanna’s Diamonds Tour concerts on May 4 and 5 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where MAC will open a pop-up shop on the first night to showcase the line."
I love being a Brooklyn native and work a few blocks away from the Barclay Center :)  Don't get discouraged, it will also be sold online.  In the article (below), Rihanna praises how much fun it was working with MAC and playing with colors (she's girlie alright) but the most difficult time she had was working on RiRi Woo.  She quotes "Creating RiRi Woo was a particular challenge, she said: “Working with MAC, it’s difficult to get a red lipstick that beats Ruby Woo, because it works on every skin tone. I had so many different samples to choose from and so many different colors underneath — blue, yellow, orange and pink bases. And I got to pick one that worked, and I tried it on all my friends to make sure it worked on all of our skin tones.”

From the picture (above), I love the packaging with her signature "RiRi" in light pink and gold edging on the compact.  

Tell me, what do you think of Rihanna's collaboration? 

I have listed the 2 links below so you can read furthermore

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MAC 'Archie's Girls' Collection

MAC teamed up with Archie Comic Girls to create this CUTE collection

You can read more about the brainstorming:

I think MAC did a wonderful recreation of the characters!

The packaging Box - 2 Cute!!!!

The Packaging - Veronica Collection

Prom Princess' Blush
Swatch - color is like a berry
L to R: Bitchslap Cosmetics 'no name' and 'Prom Princess'

I like to swatch & compare to other products/brands I have at homeThe comparison is close except 'no name' is matte (no shimmer/solid) and 'Prom Princess' is satin (light shimmer). 

Spoiled Girl Palette - Purples

Colors consists 4 e/s - it retails at $44.00

So I didn't swatch these, but will leave links below of other gurus/videos who have (like you haven't seen it already, lol) because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep this palette.  It reminds me of a palette I got from Bitchslap Cosmetics (below)

Bitchslap Cosmetics 5 e/s palette

This BSC palette was customized and it doesn't have a name on it except No. 1 thru 5.  

Pro Longwear Eye liner 'Petrol Blue'
I love the fact that it has hearts on the packaging itself - 2 cute!!!

Sapphire Blue
Now I was mad becuase I recently purchased the purple color and it was in this collection all dolled up in hearts, lol.  BLUE is my FAVORITE color so I just couldn't pass this up - it's so pretty with a bit of glitter.

Again, I compared the eyeliner to another one I have called 'Pin Up' by Jemma Kidd (below)

L to R: 'Pin Up' and 'Petrol Blue'

The day of the collection launch the MAC girls were dressed up for the occasion with their Archie shirts on and they looked so cute.  

As you can see I didn't purchase many items.  I was really excited for the Veronica heart powder, but of course it was sold out immediately.  

Click on the links below to view more of the collection and swatches. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Highlights to the Grammy Award 02.10.13

FASHION is why I LOVE to watch award shows - from contours, accessories and most importantly makeup application :)  I must admit I enjoyed it this year with  great performances.

The following are the highlights in order to my Favorites, Maybe (love/hate it) and What the hell you were thinking?!


(1) Rihanna looks GORGEOUS in RED from her bold lips to her beautiful gown.  I LOVE that she brought back the blonde hair, which is how we all began to know her before becoming 'RiRi.'  I enjoyed both her performances.

(2) Kelly Rowland looks SEXY yet elegant!!!!  Kelly, this night was yours!!!

(3) Katy Perry sure did a game change with this mint color dress and her "twins."  I love her makeup, the color looks great on her skin and body.  I would have liked to see her hair up in a do but overall - flawless.  

(4) Taylor Swift's dress is beautiful and reminds me of a Greek Goddess.  I enjoyed her opening act.

(5) Ms. Alicia Keys is smoking hot!!!

(6) Mr. Sexy himself brought it back - Justin Timberlake with his NEW hair do slicked back!! I really enjoyed his performance.


Aren't these 2 the most cutest couple?!  Amber Rose embraces her pregnancy so beautifully and Wiz Khalifa just shows so much love. 

I've always loved Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as a couple - they are so cute.  I think Tim is SEXY and as he ages he's gotten even sexier 
Maybe (love/hate it):

JLo looked very pretty, her makeup was nice as always and accessories were on point, but don't care for the hair.  I just don't know why she wore a dress that is similar to what has been seen many times before.

I'm loving the whole black & white trend, which I've noticed is BIG now and into Spring, but it wasn't the occasion Honey B especially after the explosion outfit you rocked at Superball

I think Adele looked so cute and I always LOVE HER MAKEUP APPLICATION.  I don't like the matching shoes, but it wasn't until I saw this picture on FB...

Carrie Underwood looked so pretty with her flawless makeup and accessories and although her dress was pretty I just didn't like it too much on her. 

Carly Rae Jespen's dress is pretty but not for her. In addition, why she always looks like she's 12 yrs. old when she's 27 yrs. old.  She is most definitely missing accessories to complete her look.  

What the hell you were thinking?!

This reminds me of a costume - Female Goblin Sequel to Spiderman

The next Little Mermaid

Costarring with Johnny Deep????

Urban Decay Friends & Family 20% OFF

sale ends on 2/17/13,default,sc.html?src=FFSPR13Email&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=FFSPR13Email&utm_term=CTA&utm_content=ShopFF&utm_campaign=Marketing 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Haul/LONG Review (Oct/Nov/Dec) / X-mas Gifts

Yes, I'm SUPER LATE but would like to share some awesome productsI must warn you - this is LONG.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hr. Eyeshadow 

#999 Eternal Black

I LOVE these L'Oreal eyeshadows - they're so pigmented and applies beautifully.  Due to the pigment, there is "fall out."  I suggest to use a shield or loose powder under the eye.

MAC - 2012 Holiday Collection 

Gel Liners - L to R: Little Black Bow and Feminne Edge
Color - "Evening Grey"
Can you say "WOW!!!"
Gel Liner Swatches - Left - Pink Glitter & Middle - Black w/Silver Glitter
Extra Dimension Skinfinish
Left to Right: 'Superb' and 'Whisper of Gilt'

Powder Blush 'Small Vanity'
Color is more like a Brown w/a bit of red undertone
Swatches L to R: 'Small Vanity'/'Superb'/'Whisper of Gilt'
I was surprised not to see many gurus have this collection on their favorite/Haul except the Skin Finish 'Gilt of Whisper.'  

I really like the selection MAC had in the Holiday Collection.  There were nice sets for makeup, brushes and nails.

The products above are all creamy or have a creamy texture except the blush 'Small Vanity.'  The GEL Liners are beautiful, very creamy and has glitter.  I like to use Black Bow as a base and L'Oreal Eternal Black over it.  My favorite is the Extra Dimension Skinfinish.  I knew I wanted this but I thought it was similar to the regular skin finish 'Soft & Gentle', which is my FAVORITE, but I assure you it's not.  It works great as a highlighter.  Last, the blush 'Small Vanity' reminds me of my favorite blush 'Darkly My Dear' which is my everyday go-to-go blush.

X-mas Gifts:

MAC Brush #138

My co-workers gave me gift cards from MAC - Holla!!!!   I've been wanting this brush for a while.  It can be used for contouring or to apply a highlighter. I was a bit surprised the handle is short, but it works for me since I have little hands.  
Pro Longwear Concealer in NC20

I LOVE this concealer!!!!!  I bought NC20 to highlight my t-zone and it works great.  I like the fact it has a pump and with only 1 pump on my hand I highlight my t-zone and still have left overThis concealer provides very good coverage (acne, acne scar, dark spots, etc.)

If you experience that you need more than 1 pump try spraying water or Fix+ over your hand/dish/palette (or wherever you apply your makeup) to pick up the remaining and spread evenly.  I like to use my beauty blender for this step. *Caution - this is glass so if it falls it will break*

Pro Eyeliner 'Designer Purple'

This is a SICK color!!!! It's a Pro color, which means it can only be purchased at a MAC Pro Store and you don't have to be a Pro holder to purchase.  You just won't get a discount :(  However, I purchased mine at my local MAC store (not MAC in Macy's).  I noticed more Pro products are selling at the MAC store.  

The liner has purple glitter and it's smudge proof.  It works great to cover the lid as a base/eyeshadow and lower lashline.     

SugarPill Cosmetics

The Mailing Box - too cute!!!!
Packaging Box - AGAIN 2 Cute!!!
Packaging of the Palette
BACK - I LOVE this!!!  Colors are labeled!!!!
Top - L to R: Acidberry & Velocity/Bottom - L to R: 2am & Mochi
Loose eyeshadow (Pigment) 'Junebug'

L to R: 'Junebug'/2am/Velocity/Mochi/Acidberry
L to R: MAC Gel Liner Feminne Edge/ELF Blush 'Fuchsia Fusion'/S.P.C 'Birthday Girl'

I received a sample loose eyeshadow along with my package called 'Birthday Girl,' which is a beautiful pink with light glitter.  I compared it to other items I have above to see if there's a match above.  


NEW Collection - Metallic

I LOVE O.C.C's NEW packaging!!!! It comes in a small plastic pouch and a mini lip brush.  On the back of the packaging, it demonstrates how to use 

From its NEW collection, I bought 3 lip tars TRIPTYCH (gold), AUTHENTIC (bronzed cooper) and SUPER NSFW (gold laced red).  Triptych is not an "everyday" use of color, however, you can mix it with one of your favorite lipstick's to make your color 'pop.'  I personally like to use it over a pink color.  My favorite color is Authentic.  

Back of Packaging
L to R: Authentic, SUPER NSFW & Triptych
In addition, i purchased a lip tar apart from the NEW collection.  It's such a pretty color especially for winter.

color is described as 'BLACKENED RED'
Nail - 'Starling' is very pretty.  The color reminds me of a pumpkin.  

 I just 'slapped' the color on to show (Yes, it's not neat)

Palladio Cosmetics


 I read many reviews on this line and mostly everyone had something positive to say especially how 'pigmented' it is especially for being a drug store brand.  I finally came across it at my local beauty supply store.  The palette retailed at $13.99, which is pricey for a drug store brand.  The palette does have fall-outs so I suggest to use a shadow shield or loose powder under the eye.  The funny thing is what I like the most of this purchase is the pencil sharpener. OMG - it's my favorite tool!  I bought it for my NYX Jumbo pencils but it didn't work yet it works beautifully on all my regular pencils.

Eye Boutique Shadow Shield

This is a great tool to have whether you are or not a makeup artist.  You apply a shield under an eye before applying your eyeshadow(s) and it catches all the fall out without making a mess.  Great to use when applying glitter!  There are 14 shields so you get to use it 7x's (when using both eyes).  I purchased this at Rite Aid for $5.95. 

Nail Colors

Sally Hasen Nail Polish - L to R - #330 'Pedal to the Metal' & #350 'Gray by Gray'
The brush is very wide compared to other nail polishes

Zoya ' Ziv'

The Sally Hansen nail polishes were given to me as a gift.  My favorite color is 'Gray by Gray'.

The Zoya nail polish was given to me as a Christmas gift, which I LOVE.  I was watching this color throughout the holiday so I was super surprised when I open my gift - thanks.

My Favorite Accessories 

 I LOVE this necklace.  I purchased it at TJMax for $20.00.  I paired it up with the earrings - great match?! 

I LOVE my bracelet
Silver Bow Necklace - so bling bling and pretty

Hair Tools - this was my X-mas gifts to myself -

Royale Flat Iron
1 and 1/2 inch plate (great for thick hair like mine)
This flat iron was pricey but I LOVE it!!!!!  It works so nice and fast.  The good thing is I have a 5yr warranty.
Sultra Hair Dryer
This is a well known brand by celebrity hair dressers and celebrities.  I first heard of it by the wonderful celebrity Makeup Artist/YouTube Guru - Kandee Johnson.  This hair dryer cost $125.00 and can be purchased online or at Sephora.  However, Sultra was having a great sale for $50.00 with a 3 year warranty. 


Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
I was given a sample of this at Sephora & it retails at $79.00 (ouch!).  It's an oil-free serum (white) that blends in the skin (nice scent) to brighten and improve the appearance of acne scars, dark spots, even skin tone and boost radiance.  I have come to LOVE this product!!!!  It makes my skin feel so good.  I apply this product after I moisturize and even replace it as a primer. 

Mia2™ Skin Cleansing System

Brush in the case
I got it in Pink
This system is pricey retailing at $149.00, but it's worth every penny.  I purchased mine at with a discount I received for being a beauty insider (apply for it if you haven't).  This has 2 speed level that you can control when using.  It's a great cleansing system as it minimizes your pores, brightens your skin and deeply cleans your skin especially when wearing makeup.  Therefore, your skin looks beautiful and absorbs your moisturizer, creams, serums and makeup much better.  You can have a facial right at your own home.

You can use any cleanser of your choice that doesn't have any pebbles.  Remember, the brush works as an exfoliater.  Its said you can use everyday, but I use mine during the end of the week Fri thru Sunday.  

LUSH - Mask of Magnaminty

I bought this mask trying to save money from buying the Clarisonic system.  I LOVE this product!  I use it daily Mon-Thurs and it makes my skin feel SO SOFT.  I like to use it on my face, neck and back.  It can be purchased at any LUSH store and it retails for $24.95 (Large).  To read more about this amazing product, read below:,en_US,pd.html?cgid=face
You immediately can feel the mint.  The downsize is the black pebbles will be all over your bath tub.

**I was given a sample of Sea Salt - AWESOME!**

Now that I'm in my 30's, I have to take better care of my skin more than ever.  Unfortunately, I'm dealing with so many problems like acne, acne scars, rosacea (redness) and Psoriasis (early stage).  At first, I thought I was getting all this due to wearing makeup or not washing my face enough or with the right products.  The sad part is even with what I was referred by the doctors don't even work. However, with good products it sure does reduces all my flaws.