Monday, June 27, 2011

Stila Online Sale




Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Puerto Rican Day!!!!!!

** Written on June 14th - Puerto Rican Day **

I want to wish all my fellow Boriquas and Latinos a great day full of celebration with family and friends!!!!!


I LOVE the Espanyola's so feminine yet sexy and anyone can rock this look.  However, I'm truly LOVING my NEW headband.  She's my NEW best friend, lol.  If you guessed it, you're correct - yes I bought this beautiful handmade headband on Ebay.  I must say, not only was I really satisfied with this item, but I was SUPER satisfied with the packaging and shipping!!!!! The headband cost $13.99 + $4.00 s&h.

Check out the store: dear-blossom

Eve Pearl Priming Moisturizer
Eve Pearl Anti-Shine
Eve Pearl Foundation 'Medium'
Nars illuminator 'Super Organism' (mix w/foundation)
Eve Pearl loose Powder 'light/medium'
MAC blush 'Blunt' (contour)
MAC blush 'Darkly My Dear' (discontinued - from Disney's Villains Collection 'Cruella')

Too Faced Insurance Primer Potion
Stila Cosmetics 'Twig' e/s on crease
Face Front Cosmetics 'Skinned' e/s on lid and above crease up to the brow bone
ELF liquid liner 
MAC Mascara 'Plush Black'

MAC 'Cherry' lip liner
MAC 'Lady Bug' lipstick
MAC 'Luster White' lipglass

I went out at night so I touched up my makeup using the same products & colors...

I just added lashes MAC #37/Stila eye pencil 'Topaz' on my waterline/Stila 'Twig' e/s on my lower lash line

Friday, June 10, 2011

YouTube Contests & Win GREAT Prizes!!!!


There are 2 wonderful YouTube gurus having a contest and giving GREAT prizes so if you're interested click on the links below, read the directions carefully, have fun (if you're doing a makeover) and GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

REVIEW on Nars NEW Spring 2011 Super Orgasm illuminator/feather earrings

Ok, for Memorial weekend, we had such beautiful weather in NY that I decided to stroll the streets in Soho.  I use to love walking in the city back in the days so it felt good.  I had a list of stores & items I've been wanting for a hot minute.

I started with Sephora aka 'my mothership' like my family calls it, lol and took my time taking swatches.  By the way, Urban Decay LIMITED Edition 'Rollergirl' Palette is hot!!!!  

I was mainly interested in LORAC luminizer.  Now, I have never used a luminizer before or even cared for it until recently I saw Marlena from MakeUpGeek give a tutorial and review on her YouTube channel.  



If you love JLo and Kim Kardashian's glowy look then you would probably be interested in a lumizier.  It's a liquid highlighter that gives a super glowy appearance and can be utilize further than a powder.  To use all over your face, I was told by a Sephora beauty expert, you can mix it with your foundation; for a glow on the cheeks it can be mix with your blush; or you can simply use your fingers/brush and apply it.

Sadly, the Sephora in Soho didn't carry the brand Lorac and just when I was going to leave the store empty handed, I swatch Nars illuminator...

$29.00 1.1 oz/30 ml.
This is a BEAUTIFUL pinky/peachy color with a nice minimum glow 
with a flash

Pros: pretty color, drys fast without caking, everyday wearable (especially for office jobs), although it comes in a small bottle - a little bit goes a long way so this will last you a long time, good from light to dark skin tone and it doesn't have a scent 

*** I will be using this more on my cheeks ***

CONS: too much money for the size of the bottle and not "glowy" enough at least for my taste (but still suitable to use)

*** If you're looking for JLO & Kim K. "glowy" look this product may not be it. *** 

After Sephora, I began hunting for a store called 'Necessary Clothing' that someone recommended me due to it's affordable clothing and accessories ('s that noticeable that I'm an accessory junkie, lol).  Super, super excited to find this store cause this person who referred me bought beautiful long feather earrings with clear stones, which I LOVE.  I've been into feather earrings since last year and have a few but short length and I want to try long ones.  When I found the store it turned out to be for junior sizes.  I was disappointed cause this store really does have cute affordable clothes, but not for big girls ('s all good! lol).  In addition, I didn't find any feather earrings.  If you're interested, Necessary Clothing have like 5 stores running from Broadway to China Town (you can find addresses on Facebook).

So I started to walk and found a jewelry stand and guess what I found....

LOVE MY PRETTY FEATHER EARRINGS!!!!  I bought it in 'white' too, lol

I'm wearing the illuminator on my cheeks

'Goldilux' from Sugar Pill Cosmetics on my lid and Wet & Wild Pale Pink on my crease

Close up on the cheeks....more can be added to bring out the color a bit but it's not a powerful highlighter

Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer BLUES (using Jemma Kid Cosmetics)


BLUE is my favorite color!!!  I guess since my mother always dressed me in BLUE since I was a baby.  Every time I look at my baby pics all I see is BLUE...I asked my mother if she understood that I was a girl?!?!?!'s all good though cause BLUE is BEAUTIFUL!!!!  

I was cleaning my makeup and came across some brands that I love but haven't used for a hot minute.  I took out Jemma Kidd Cosmetics eye shadows.

L to R: Dramatic (05); Modernist (02); VIP (07); Theatre (04)
COLORS: Dramatic (blue); Modernist (purple); VIP (aqua) & Theatre (gold)

Read more about this brand (click the link below):

Quick Rundown:

The 2 eye shadows I used from J.K are 'VIP' and 'Modernist'.  I also used J.K i-conic pencil '03 pin up'

I used 'VIP' on my lid and 'Modernist' & '03 pin up' on my crease.  

Starting with '03 pin up' to create an outer-v on my crease follow with 'Modernist' e/s to enhance the look.  Still not bold enough for my taste, I added beautiful color 'Harlem Nights Sapphire' on my crease.  I then used my ELF 100 e/s palette 'White' under my brow bone and inner-v.  I applied diamond eyelashes (Ebay) to complete the look.

On my face, I used MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC30 and MAC Transparent Finishing Powder.  To contour, I used 'Blunt' from MAC and then Coastal Scents 10 blush palette I combined the hot pink with pink for my cheeks.  

Lips: Smashbox lipgloss duo 'light pink' (it doesn't have the name).

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection

This collection provides the colors you need to complete a summer look from eye shadows/pigments, lip colors, bronzer and blush.  I usually don't buy every collection from MAC unless it really catches my attention.  This collection was not one of them.  However, after I swatch it, I really liked it.  These are the products I picked up.

Blush (coral) and highlighter (gold)

The design is so cute!!
Top: swatch over base (NYX 'Milk') and Bottom: no base applied
Closeup - colors over a base (gorgeous!)
pretty color
Color over a base (NYX 'Milk')
Lipstick 'Hibiscus'

I began playing with the colors....