Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are you feeling a bit YELLOW?!?!

I recently did this look using drug store brand makeup, but my son Ethan erased the pics.  Oh, boy, it seems like Ethan has taken a bit of an interest in photography.  He went on a rampage taking pics, but then again he's 6 yrs. old and I'm pretty sure there will be more montage moments to come, lol.  The original products I used (sorry no pics but the same look) is from L'oreal Duo 'Flamboyant' the yellow color on the lid to the crease; blend out the edges of the crease; and then add any color you like over that edge on the crease.  Now for this look, I used Bitchslap Cosmetics 60 e/s palette called 'Yellow.'  Honestly, even though I wanted a funky look and LOVE B.S.C, I really liked the look using L'oreal.   

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another HUMID Day in NYC..ay-ya-ya...& summer is still officially here yet

WOW, today is another muggy day in New York City and it's not officially summer yet.  I blew out my hair earlier this week but this weather is just too much so I've been wearing my scarfs on my head to avoid blowing it out/styling.  I took my kids to see Curious George LIVE at Nassau Colliseum so I wore my new scarf on my head that I bought for $1.00 at the dollar store in honor of the thyme.

Too Face Insurances Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Pencil 'Milk'
Milani Runaway  Eyes "11 Beach Sand" on lid (love this product.  It can be used wet or dry)
Coastal Scents 88 Color Palette - I used 3 colors (red/a two tune color red/orange//lt. peach for the crease & under lower lash line
Jemma Kidd liquid liner '#4 aesthetic' on upper lash line
U.D 24/7 Gel Pencil 'Zero' on lower lash line (1/4)

MAC 'Soft & Slow' Lipglass (Limited but it's my favorite color)

Pics of Curious George Show:

MAC vs. Cover Girl Lipstain

Don't you hate reapplying your lipstick during the day?  And how many times would that be?  Well, the "solution" may just be by adding a Lipstain to your morning routine.  Introducing Lipstain by MAC (BLACK) and Cover Girl (PINK):

RETAIL - MAC $18 **** COVER GIRL $8.99

Cover Girl - PRO is that it works effectively and well as MAC;
There are many colors to choose to choose from
Cover Girl - CONS - it slightly burns for a few seconds sort of like a lip plumper (lipstain is NOT a lip plumper)

Cover Girl is the SAME size as MAC's Lipstain

Both have the same tip

So why should this be used?  Of course using the old fashion tip lining the entire lips with a lip liner before adding a lipstick makes the color last longer, but you may have to worry about the color spreading off your lips and on to your face especially when using a dark color such as red.  But then there is a solution for that too by applying a lip primer or concealer prior to using a lipstick.  WOW, it sounds like a roller coaster with all the tips that you can use, but to avoid what can become a hassle especially when you're in a hurry is by adding a that sounds simple. 

***Keep in mind using these products your lipstick will still wear off but your lips will NOT be nude.  The lipstain color will still be on your lips so all you have to do is reapply your lipstick.  I used the Cover Girl lipstain yesterday, reapplied twice through the whole day and during the night only had the lipstain on my lips, but it sure looked like I had lipstick on. ***

There are many other vendors who sells Lipstain besides MAC (look in Sephora for more BRANDS) but as you know it may be pricey.  Cover Girl Outblast Lipstain is sure a great substitute for how effective it is and how much money you can save. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jemma Kidd a.k.a JK Cosmetics

Hey, it's been a hot minute since I have written on my blog.  I'm pretty sure many of you have heard or tried JK Cosmetics, but for those who have not - LISTEN UP.  This line is sooooooooo pretty and pigmented.  The colors truly gives a good color pay off and it's my new best friend.  It can be purchased at Target or  When I first came across this line it caught my eye immediately, but the price really didn't excite me.  An eyeshadow cost $16, which is more than MAC that cost $14.  Every time I visit Target, I will swatch and mixed colors yet never purchase it, lol (i'm a such a makeup junkie) until recently that it was on sale for $13 at Target.  Plus, I had a coupon for $3.00 off so I purchased 4 eyeshadows and 1 liquid eyeliner.  I have been using this product more then 3 wks. now and I must say it's really good.  I have sensative eyes and not once have my eyes had a reaction or experienced redness while using this product.

L to R: Dramatic (05); Modernist (02); VIP (07); Theatre (04)
COLORS: Dramatic (blue); Modernist (purple); VIP (aqua) & Theatre (gold)

This look is inspired by Cathy, Owner of Bitchslap Cosmetics, Master of Makeup...and there's no argument there.  She's so talented and I really loved this look

MAC Primer Transparent Powder
Revlon Color Stay Foundation #290 Warm Golden
Revlon Photo Ready Medium/Dark Powder
Milani Bronzer #02 Medium
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish 'Cheeky Bronze'
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish 'Soft and Gentle'
MAC 'Fun and Games' Blush (Limited from Hello Kitty)

Too Face Insurance Eye Primer
NYX Eye Jumbo 'Milk'
JK 'VIP' on tear duct working up to inner lid & to crease
JK 'Modernist' on lid & crease AND lower lash line
Urban Decay Palette Alice in the Wonderland 'Underworld' (rich puple) on crease
U.D 24/7 Liner 'Zero' on waterline and top lash line
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Mascara 'Soft Black'

NYX 'Rea'
MAC Lipglass 'Soft & Slow' (L)

Bitchslap Cosmetics