Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Look using ELF 100 e/s Palette

Click on the picture to see the colors used (red box)
Like my earrings???

Benefit Your Rebel Cream Moisturizer
Benefit Porefessional
MAC Studio NW30 Concealer
Revlon Photo Ready Powder 'Medium/Dark'
MAC 'Blunt' Blush to Couture
MAC Mineralize 'Cheeky Bronze'
MAC 'Fun & Games' Blush (Hello Kitty-discontinued)
MAC 'Soft & Gentle' (highlighter)

Benefit Lemon Aid Primer
MAC 'Girl Friendly' Paintpot
ELF 'pinky' on inner to middle of the lid & a bit on crease (7th column 8th row across L to R)
ELF 'mango' on middle to outer lid & a bit on crease (7th column 9 row across L to R)
ELF 'Dk Grey' using a pencil brush & drawing a line across the crease above the mango and pinky and blend in the inner eye (10 column 8 row across L to R)
ELF 'RED' using a blending blush smoke it over the Dk Grey on outer crease (7 column 7 row L to R)
ELF 'Gold/Yellow' under the brow bone as a highlighter (1st column 4 row L to R)

Wet & Wild '911'
Cover Girl Outblast Shine #880

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

I want to wish everyone is Happy and Safe Christmas!!!! 


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gold and Black (HOLIDAY LOOK #3)


I truly fell in love with this look from Make Up Forever - Gold.  The kit is $65.00 dollars online or at Sephora and it's limited time only.  Of course, I missed Sephora Family & Friends 20% off, but there's always next time.  I used cheap products that I LOVE and you can do the same to substitute this look.

Benefit the Porefessional
Benefit Moisturizer
Benefit Lemonade Concealer
MAC Studio Finish NW25
Revlon Photo Ready Face Powder Medium/Dark #30
MAC Blush 'Darkly My Dear' (discontinued - Cruella MAC Venomous Villains)

Coastal Scents Gel Liner 'Gold' on lid using a flat shade brush
L'oreal HIP Duo e/s 'Flamboyant' 'gold' on lid and brow bone (inner) using a flat shade brush
MAC 'Black Ore' pigment on outer lid and in the crease (discontinued) using a flat shade & crease brush
MAC 'Solar White' e/s on inner lid and under the arch of the brow bone (outer) using a small angle brush
Prestige liquid eyeliner on top and lower lash line
Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil 'zero' in the waterline and over the liquid eyeliner (top and lower lash line)
Repeat Step 1 and 2 (gold) for the lower lash line (under the black)
Benefit Bad Gal 'Blue' Mascara

NYX Lipstick 'Thalia'
NYX Lip Gloss 'Brown Topez'

***Great Subs***
Sugar Pill loose e/s 'Goldielux' (beutiful gold, which I hope to get soon)
Bitchslap 60 e/s palette 'Yellow' has a very pretty gold
L'oreal HIP gel eyeliner 'gold' (LOVE!)
any black eyeshadow or eyeliner and with gold pigment of your choice
Sephora e/s 'aspen'
White pigment or white e/s with shimmer of your brand choice


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heavenly Naturals Cosmetics - Lt. Pink/Dk Purple w/a hint of Blue

Heavenly Naturals Cosmetics have beautiful pigments that are soft texture and gentle on the eyes.  The best of all they have many colors to choose from and are very affordable.  The pigments can be used wet or dry.  I recommend Heavenly Naturals Cosmetics to anyone. 

ALL products were purchased by me and this is my honest opinion.


Benefit You Rebel SP 15 Moisturizer
Benefit the Pore fessional
Benefit Lemonaid color corrector (primer)
Revlon Photo Ready Powder #030 Medium/Deep
MAC 'Blunt' blush to couture
MAC "Dainty' Mineralize blush (wet)
Sephora 'aspen' as a highlighter (above the apple of the cheeks) LOVE!

Benefit Lemonaid color corrector (primer) on lid
MAC Paint Pot 'Bare Study' on lid
H.N 'Awareness' on middle to outer lid
H.N ' Rose Red' on outer lid smoking out to crease
H.N ' Persuasion' on crease blending out (I LOVE THIS COLOR!)
H.N. 'Posh' on the inner lid and up to the crease
ELF 'Dramatic' palette 'white' under the brown bone (highlighter)
Jemma Kidd i-conic Eye Pencil '03 pin up' on lower lash line (darken from middle to outer of the lash line)
H.N 'Mystery' on the lower lash line
Urban Decay "Zero' in the water line
Benefit BAD gal BLUE Mascara (LOVE!)
Prostige black water eyeliner

MAC Lipstick 'Of Royalty'
MAC Lip Conditionor 'Pink Fish' (discontinued from the Hello Kitty )
MAC Lipliner 'Quartz'


Affordable Dups of Colors:
- Blue e/l - L'oreal HIP Paint Pot in 'Midnight'
- Dk purple/pink - ELF 100 e/s palette (see my review on my blog)
- Dk purple - Wet & Wild 'lust'

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

E.L.F Cosmetics Haul -100 Eyeshadow Palette

Hello again,

OK, I was in my local Target like always buying the things I NEED yet I came across on what I DON'T NEED but I just couldn't help myself, lol.  The NEW ELF 100 eyeshadow Palette is only $10 dollars and it has beautiful colors.  I'm NOT showing swatches for each color because come on this palette is a complete BARGAIN so you can't lose.  However, I will show some colors that caught my eyes immediately (w/o primer or base).

Great to get or give as a present
Quantity of colors (100)
Very pretty colors
Colors are: Matte, Shimmer and Frost
Logo is not a sticker (+)
Packaging is plastic



Swatches starting from right to left         Starting this row up (swatches of the first 4 colors going up)


Last row of the palette - 3rd color from left to right (my dumb is on it) is a beautiful green with gold iridescent glitter (swatch on the 1st picture - 1st color starting from right to left).  Next, my finger is pointing to the 'Blue' which is so pretty followed by the purple below (swatches on the 1st picture). 

When I first picked up this palette this 'Blue' is what really caught my eye.  I have been playing with the colors and I must say I'm really in love with this palette.  I recommend this palette to anyone!

Happy Holidays or better said Happy

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Plum/Gold using Coastal Scents 28 Palette (HOLIDAY LOOK #2)

I love this combination of colors and since it's the color for the season it was just perfect to use.  This is the look I had in  my pics for the baby shower so if you like it, please keep on reading - - - - -

Coastal Scents 28 palette

Makeup Forever Primer 'Green'
Revlon Color Stay 'Warm Golden' Foundation
12 Camouflage Concealer Palette
Revlon Photo Ready Powder 'Medium/Dark'
MAC Disney's Venomous Villains Beauty Powder 'Briar Rose' Maleficent (discontinued)
Coastal Scents 28 Palette Blush (above) dk plum (last row/last color from L to R) and light color (last row/1st color)
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish 'Soft & Gentle' as highlighter
MAC Fix +

Too Face Eye Primer Insurance Potion
MAC Colour Base 'Shell' on lid
TIP: *MAC Revlon Photo Ready Translucent Powder over 'Shell'  This helps avoid creasing & let color lasts longer*
C.S Palette - dk plum (3rd row/3rd color from right to left) on the middle of the lid and work outer & to crease
C.S Palette - gold (1st row/3rd color from left to right) on the inner lid & meeting it up with the Plum
C.S Palette - repeat with the plum color and smoking the crease and touching up the lid with the gold & plum
C.S Palette - using a flat shader blush combine two colors - brown (2nd row/2nd color right to left) and coral (2nd row/3rd color right to left) under the brow bone
Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil 'Zero' on upper lash line (smudge the liner using MAC #219) and waterline
C.S Palette - again using 'Plum' on the lower lash line
Cover Girl Lash Blast (orange tube) Mascara

NYX Long Lip Liner 'Prune'
MAC lipstick 'Violetta'  (Pro)
MAC lipglass 'Devilishly Stylist' (discontinued from Disney's Villains - Cruella) - better pic in the baby shower pics


w/o flash but I like the picture, hahaha

Baby Shower - Yeah!

I'm so happy for my sister-in-law Cathy who's expecting her first baby in December 2010.  She will be having a Girl, yeah!!!!  My mother-in-law and family are so happy and more for Cathy because she's breaking the barrel of grandsons (4 boys n da family).  Therefore, my baby who will be here before Christmas will be the first grandaughter, yeah!!!!  I'm so happy for Cathy who received so many gifts, blessings and love from family and friends.  It was such a wonderful celebration! 

Cathy, congratulations once again, I wish you the best in your NEW journey as a mother.  I know you will be a great mother!

Much Love xoxoxo

Friday, November 12, 2010

MAC - Pink, Silver & a hint of Blue (HOLIDAY LOOK 1)

The Holidays are almost here! I'm so excited!  Family gatherings, holiday parties, vacation, etc all begin to roll out during this time so why not go in style?!?!  This is a soft smokey look that has a pop for any occasion.  So if you like this look, please keep on reading -

Make Up Forever Primer Green
Revlon Color Stay Foundation 'Warm Golden'
12 Camouflage Concealer Palette (eBay)
Revlon Photo Ready Powder 'Medium/Dark'
MAC Mineralize Blush 'Danity'
MAC Disney's Villains Dr.
MAC Fix+

Too Face Eye Primer Insurance Potion
MAC Colour Base 'Shell'
TIP: *Revlon Photo Ready Powder 'Translucent' over 'Shell' to avoid creasing and make color last longer*
MAC 'Playful Pink'  on the lid (from the Barbie Collection - discontinued)
*May use MAC 'Expensive Pink' or any pink of your choice*
MAC 'Electra' on the crease and blend
MAC 'Carbon' draw a small V on the outer lid & blend
MAC 'Gesso' on brow bone
Urban Decay 24/7 'Zero' eye pencil on water line
Jemma Kidd i-conic Eye Pencil '03 pin up' on lower lash line
Jemma Kidd e/s '#05 dramatic '  on lower lash line over the pencil
Cover Girl 'Lash Blast' (orange tube) mascara

NYX Long Lip Pencil 'Prune' (LOVE)
MAC Lipglass 'Personal Taste' (discontinued) (LOVE)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Haunted House Ghosts smiley smilie smileys smilies icon icons emoticon emoticons animated animation animations gif gifs Happy Halloween Pictures, Images and Photos

HappyHalloweenJackOLaternsBouncing Pictures, Images and Photos

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays since I can remember.  It's exactly what caught my interest to makeup for its special effect.  Therefore, I just want to share some pics.  I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween!

CHEETARA from Thundercats

Maleficent from Disney's Sleeping Beauty


Poison Ivy from Batman Returns

Penguin from Batman

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Night Out using 'Devious' Palette from B.S Cosmetics


It's the weekend and time to kick back or party out with your girls.  Using the palette 'Devious' from Bitchslap Cosmetics (or substitute with 'Drama' from E.L.F) I created a smokey look that is not too loud but still sexy for the night.  I have purchased 'Devious' a while back and never really used it sine I always used ELF 'Drama.' 

*** The RING is GORGOUS...u MUST CHECK OUT the site listed below ***

Makeup Forever Primer 'Green'
Revlon Color Stay Foundation #310 Warm Golden
Camouflage Concealer (sorry no name palette)
Revlon Photo Ready Powder 'Medium/Dark'
Benefit 'Coralista' blush
B.S. 'Congo' bronzer


Too Face Insurance Eye Primer
MAC Colour Base 'Black' (Limited from BLACK Collection) all over the eye
B.S Devious Matte White on lid
B.S Devious Matte Black on crease
B.S Devious Silver over crease
B.S. Devious Shimmer Black in inner V and lower lash line
B.S. Devious Shimmer White as highlighter (under brow bone)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner 'Zero' in the waterline and lower lash line (apply prior to e/s)
Maybelline Mascara

MAC lipliner 'Whirl'
MAC lipstick 'Viva Glam II' 
MAC lipglass 'Viva Glam VI'

Ok, for all you fanatics who loved this ring (seen in Bitchslap website) - well it can be purchased at All that Jewerly Plus on ebay for a much more reasonable price.  Carole, Owner is great to work with and has great communication so if there's an item or specific color you like contact her and she'll hit you back.  She has beautiful jewerly so make sure you check out her store (check out the ring and loop earrings that Bitchslap has on there website).  Please Note: she carries small and large butterfly rings and earrings.  Have fun shopping!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MAC NEW Line - Venomous Villains


If you haven't heard or seen yet, MAC's NEW line is coming next week and it's SO CUTE!!!!  Click on the link to see on what's in store.

Check out makeup guru Tiffany for swatches and review:

I know for a fact this will sell fast so don't be the last one.

Have fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nail Colors (summer & fall) from OPI, CQ and Zoya


Ok, I know I'm late in this, but I really want to show these beautiful colors from various makers that are perfect for the summer and fall and savings in your wallet.  I'm not a gal that spends time caring for her nails especially coloring it but now that I'm a house mom it something that I now take care of.  I use Nail Tech II ( - check out the products and video) to strengthen my nails from chipping or breaking and of course it adds such a nice shine after color as a finish touch.  It can be purchased at your local drug store (I buy mine at CVS).

Here are the colors:

These are from OPI and I must admit I bought most of it last year during the fall & winter but the colors are so nice.  I bought these from my local nail salon for $6 but OPI can be purchased at Sephora, or Ebay.
L to R (above): Taupe (very similar to Metro Chic); Charmed by a Snake (bronze/gold); Pink Flamenco (fuchsia); A Grape Fit! (grape); Pamplona Purple (eggplant)
Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow (dk green/black); and Who The Shrek Are You? (lime green)

Nicole' by OPI is a line that can be purchased at Target and retail places like it.  This is such a pretty color and it's called Respect the World it's like a turqoise/teal
*I love OPI cause the colors usually 'pop', applies & drys easily and the color last a long time w/o chipping.*

CQ is my NEW best friend in colors.  I bought it in Walmart (keep in mind that not all Walmart stores carry this line) for $2.04 during the summer.  There are so many varity of colors to chose from and overall the colors last w/o chipping.  This is a plus for me cause when I began to care and color my nails (last year), every time I went to the nail salon and used their nail color product it always chipped.  This product dries nicely not as fast as OPI but well enough for its price.  I truely recommend to anyone to check CQ out.

L to R (above): Angel #524 (very lt. pink); Purple Passion #466 (purple w/pink undertone); Passion Orange #126 (dk orange) and Electric Indigo #509 (beutiful blue)
**My favorite is Passion Orange and Electic Indigo**

Zoya is a new line to my collection.  I'm constantly hearing it on youtube and reading it on blogs so I really wanted to try it.  This is one of the NEW fall collection called Kelly (dk grey/dk puple undertone).  I purched it on ebay for $5.25
Now the picture shows to be much lighter than what it really is.  This color is actually a bit darker and has like a dark purple/blue undertone, but it's pretty.  I was amazed how fast it dried (faster than OPI) and applied easily.  Zoya most def will be something I will look into for mor colors.

w/flash it looks brighter than what it is but it's a bit darker - very pretty