Saturday, June 5, 2010

MAC vs. Cover Girl Lipstain

Don't you hate reapplying your lipstick during the day?  And how many times would that be?  Well, the "solution" may just be by adding a Lipstain to your morning routine.  Introducing Lipstain by MAC (BLACK) and Cover Girl (PINK):

RETAIL - MAC $18 **** COVER GIRL $8.99

Cover Girl - PRO is that it works effectively and well as MAC;
There are many colors to choose to choose from
Cover Girl - CONS - it slightly burns for a few seconds sort of like a lip plumper (lipstain is NOT a lip plumper)

Cover Girl is the SAME size as MAC's Lipstain

Both have the same tip

So why should this be used?  Of course using the old fashion tip lining the entire lips with a lip liner before adding a lipstick makes the color last longer, but you may have to worry about the color spreading off your lips and on to your face especially when using a dark color such as red.  But then there is a solution for that too by applying a lip primer or concealer prior to using a lipstick.  WOW, it sounds like a roller coaster with all the tips that you can use, but to avoid what can become a hassle especially when you're in a hurry is by adding a that sounds simple. 

***Keep in mind using these products your lipstick will still wear off but your lips will NOT be nude.  The lipstain color will still be on your lips so all you have to do is reapply your lipstick.  I used the Cover Girl lipstain yesterday, reapplied twice through the whole day and during the night only had the lipstain on my lips, but it sure looked like I had lipstick on. ***

There are many other vendors who sells Lipstain besides MAC (look in Sephora for more BRANDS) but as you know it may be pricey.  Cover Girl Outblast Lipstain is sure a great substitute for how effective it is and how much money you can save. 

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