Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are you feeling a bit YELLOW?!?!

I recently did this look using drug store brand makeup, but my son Ethan erased the pics.  Oh, boy, it seems like Ethan has taken a bit of an interest in photography.  He went on a rampage taking pics, but then again he's 6 yrs. old and I'm pretty sure there will be more montage moments to come, lol.  The original products I used (sorry no pics but the same look) is from L'oreal Duo 'Flamboyant' the yellow color on the lid to the crease; blend out the edges of the crease; and then add any color you like over that edge on the crease.  Now for this look, I used Bitchslap Cosmetics 60 e/s palette called 'Yellow.'  Honestly, even though I wanted a funky look and LOVE B.S.C, I really liked the look using L'oreal.   

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