Sunday, June 23, 2013

MakeUp Show (NYC) Pics Only (Set-up Day/Pre-Party/Show)

The Makeup Show in May was a blast and VERY busy!

It was a pleasure as always to be asked to work with Eve Pearl and team at the Makeup Show.  Again, it was SUPER BUSY especially at Eve's booth, but I had fun. 

Set-Up Day 
Bloggers Preview
Audience giving O.C.C a standing ovation for its great quality in product as well as O.C.C's new inspiration
Makeup Artists getting ready for the Pre-Party Show

Meet Dominick - Eve's model:

Check out Eve's shoe
Let the Party Begin

Check out these shoe

Dominick's Transformation

Makeup Artist - Orlando Santiago

First Day of the show - May 5th

YT Sensation Lauren 'Queenofblending' and Rene 'MakeupByRenRen'

Wonderful Makeup Artist Ms. Rosario and her beautiful smile :)

YT/Blogger Elise

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