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IMATS / IBS /Makeup Show Haul

This is my mini haul from all 3 shows.  I must say I was pretty good not making too many purchases especially since I made many purchases at Ulta and drugstores prior to the shows.  All 3 shows were pure madness (busy) but I always have so much fun.

IMATS - International Makeup Artist Trader Show

Koren Zander aka Enkore created a NEW soap to clean, condition and provide treatment to your makeup brushes.  This soap is so cool!!!  I'm super excited especially since this soap consists maracuja oil, which I'm a big fan thanks to Tarte CosmetcisOn one side, it has his well known logo printed and on the other side is a loofah for a deep cleansing.  It also comes with and without a scent.  The one I purchased is Gardenia for $6.00.

w/wrapper on
without wrapper

Back side w/ wrapper on - directions & ingredients
w/o wrapper - Loofah

To read more about this product, click on the link below:

Velour Lashes are hand made out of mink.  It ranges from natural to dramatic and retails for $25 per boxAt the show it was $20 each.  I really like the packaging (purple box)It can be reused up to 30 times (twice than natural or false lashes).  I purchased 'Doll Me Up' (upper lashes) and 'Style Me Kardashian' (lower lashes).  How to use these lashes is very simple.  Apply your mascara onto your natural lashes first, let it dry and then apply your velour lashes.  Make sure to remove the glue immediately (best glue to use is by Eve Pearl Cosmetics).  These lashes are super light after applied not like most falsie that can feel heavy on the lid.  I'm super happy with my purchase.
L to R: 'Doll Me Up' and 'Style Me Kardashians'

To read more about this brand,click on the link below:

O.C.C Nail Polish in 'Pond' is a beautiful & bright blue color.  I think it cost $7.00 at the show.

To read more about this brand,click on the link below:

CiCi Fashion Brush 'Nose Contour' retails for $3.50 each but I got it for $2.50 so I bought 2.   I found this brush intriguing.  The handle is a nice length, soft bristles and are made of sable hair and have no fall outs.

To read more about this brand,click on the link below: 

I was disappointed that Miss Adoro wasn't at IMATS this year.  I usually wrack up, however, a both had Red Cherry lashes.  Now, I've never used these lashes so I was super excited to purchase.  I first bought this cute accessory - Lash Holder.  It's pink with a cute black bow in the center and it holds up to 3 pairs of lashes.  I think it cost $3.00 each.

L to R: Inside / Front

Top: #1 / #47 / #138/ #99 / #110

Bottom: #106 / #102/ #99/ #510/ #1

Alcone Company is always a MUST for me!!  I bought a Large hot pink Z palette, Alcone makeup remover wipes (my favorite!!!), Embryolisse Moisturizer and a beauty blender cleanser.

This cream is thick so a little bit goes a long way.  I'm constantly hearing people rave about it so I purchased it.  It lasts a long time and moisturizes the skin lovely.  On YouTube I also heard how nice it makes the skin feel after shaving and applying the moisturizer.  This is so TRUE!

IBS - International Beauty Show

Stack Sets
Naked Cosmetics are pigments in a jar .05 oz / 1.5gm sold individually or in a stack of 6 pigments.
The packaging (above) comes 6 jars and are labeled by the name of the set #1 thru #6
Naked Cosmetics was having a GREAT SALE at IBS for each stack $15 each - whoohoooo.  I purchased 4 stacks but wish I could have purchased all of the stacks.  Each stack cost $59.99.  These pigments are SO PIGMENTED and BEAUTIFUL!!!  Another great fact about this brand is it lasts a long time.  I must use a primer when applying eyeshadows but with this brand I can use a base and the pigment over it and have no problem. These pigments can be used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, bronzer and lips.  

To see the other stacks click on the link:

None of the samples below were used with a primer. 

Stack 1 'Shock Effect' SE #3
Left - Wet  / Right - Dry
This beautiful green melts my heart and for those who loves green.  As you can see on the left side used wet the color is more metallic and very pretty. 

Stack 2 'Naturally Nude' NN#4
Left - Wet /  Right - Dry
This color is a mauve with a brown undertone.  This color can be used lightly as a blush and/or highlighter.

Stack 3 'Sierra Nevada' SN#03
Left - Dry / Right - Wet
This color is so beautiful.  It's a metallic golden bronze.  I know I will be using this color during the summer on my face & lips.   
Stack #4 'Urban Rustic' UR#02

Left - Wet / Right - Dry

This is another favorite color of mine.  It's a pretty copper/rust color.  I will also be using this color as a bronzer and the lips.

Check out how the wonderful Kevin James Bennett use these pigments:

The Makeup Show -
I don't know if it was me but this year the Makeup Show was BANANAS!  

For those who attends the Makeup Show, you know that Make Up For Ever is one of the most busiest brands.  In order for you to make purchases you must form a LONG line and of course since I was working I  couldn't form anything.  A MUFE makeup artist was super nice to hold this product for me until the end of the show.  I am always hearing people rave about MUFE HD Foundation so I needed to get my hands on it.  The original price is $42.00 but I purchased it at the show for $25.00 (not bad at all!).  I picked #127, which goes very well my skin tone.  This product is medium to full coverage; the texture is light and has no fragrance.  I also like that it has a pump.

G The Body Art Professional  
Once the show wrapped up it was very hard to go shopping because mostly everyone was closing their booths.  G was next to Eve's booth so I got to pick up 3 stencils (tattoos) for $10.00.


Traveling beauty blender pouch

This is so cute!!!

Set includes 2 beauty blenders in black & white and solid cleanser

I love this set!!!!!  Yes, the black sponge is dirty because I just used but added in for this picture only.  Always keep dirty away from clean - sanitation purposes and organization
Solid cleanser

The polka-dot paper is so nice.
This is the only purchase I made during the show and it wasn't that I was even shopping.  I knew someone who was working in the booth and I greeted her as I passed by.  She hooked me up :)  I was only interested the beauty blender holiday collection, which comes black, pink and white.  The transaction was so fast that I didn't realize until I got home that this set was only 2 blenders.  Overall, I love it!  It comes in the most cutest pouch that is small enough for easy traveling.  The pouch is magnetic for easy closing. 

Crown Brushes:

Animal print brush holders - so cute!!!!!!!

I love shopping at Crown Brush, Inc.  I made my purchase before the doors open to the public.  I bought many of the NEW Infinity Series brushes that are a replicate to Sigma's Synthetic brushes - LOVE!!!!

Eve Pearl
NEW Liquid Foundation
PUMP is different - you push down

OMG, I LOVE this product!!!!!  It's completely different to her first liquid foundation.  The consistency is the same as the cream foundation; full coverage; light on the skin; no fragrance; pump is different as shown above - 1 pump is all you need. 

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