Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Highlights to the Grammy Award 02.10.13

FASHION is why I LOVE to watch award shows - from contours, accessories and most importantly makeup application :)  I must admit I enjoyed it this year with  great performances.

The following are the highlights in order to my Favorites, Maybe (love/hate it) and What the hell you were thinking?!


(1) Rihanna looks GORGEOUS in RED from her bold lips to her beautiful gown.  I LOVE that she brought back the blonde hair, which is how we all began to know her before becoming 'RiRi.'  I enjoyed both her performances.

(2) Kelly Rowland looks SEXY yet elegant!!!!  Kelly, this night was yours!!!

(3) Katy Perry sure did a game change with this mint color dress and her "twins."  I love her makeup, the color looks great on her skin and body.  I would have liked to see her hair up in a do but overall - flawless.  

(4) Taylor Swift's dress is beautiful and reminds me of a Greek Goddess.  I enjoyed her opening act.

(5) Ms. Alicia Keys is smoking hot!!!

(6) Mr. Sexy himself brought it back - Justin Timberlake with his NEW hair do slicked back!! I really enjoyed his performance.


Aren't these 2 the most cutest couple?!  Amber Rose embraces her pregnancy so beautifully and Wiz Khalifa just shows so much love. 

I've always loved Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as a couple - they are so cute.  I think Tim is SEXY and as he ages he's gotten even sexier 
Maybe (love/hate it):

JLo looked very pretty, her makeup was nice as always and accessories were on point, but don't care for the hair.  I just don't know why she wore a dress that is similar to what has been seen many times before.

I'm loving the whole black & white trend, which I've noticed is BIG now and into Spring, but it wasn't the occasion Honey B especially after the explosion outfit you rocked at Superball

I think Adele looked so cute and I always LOVE HER MAKEUP APPLICATION.  I don't like the matching shoes, but it wasn't until I saw this picture on FB...

Carrie Underwood looked so pretty with her flawless makeup and accessories and although her dress was pretty I just didn't like it too much on her. 

Carly Rae Jespen's dress is pretty but not for her. In addition, why she always looks like she's 12 yrs. old when she's 27 yrs. old.  She is most definitely missing accessories to complete her look.  

What the hell you were thinking?!

This reminds me of a costume - Female Goblin Sequel to Spiderman

The next Little Mermaid

Costarring with Johnny Deep????

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