Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MAC 'Archie's Girls' Collection

MAC teamed up with Archie Comic Girls to create this CUTE collection

You can read more about the brainstorming:

I think MAC did a wonderful recreation of the characters!

The packaging Box - 2 Cute!!!!

The Packaging - Veronica Collection

Prom Princess' Blush
Swatch - color is like a berry
L to R: Bitchslap Cosmetics 'no name' and 'Prom Princess'

I like to swatch & compare to other products/brands I have at homeThe comparison is close except 'no name' is matte (no shimmer/solid) and 'Prom Princess' is satin (light shimmer). 

Spoiled Girl Palette - Purples

Colors consists 4 e/s - it retails at $44.00

So I didn't swatch these, but will leave links below of other gurus/videos who have (like you haven't seen it already, lol) because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep this palette.  It reminds me of a palette I got from Bitchslap Cosmetics (below)

Bitchslap Cosmetics 5 e/s palette

This BSC palette was customized and it doesn't have a name on it except No. 1 thru 5.  

Pro Longwear Eye liner 'Petrol Blue'
I love the fact that it has hearts on the packaging itself - 2 cute!!!

Sapphire Blue
Now I was mad becuase I recently purchased the purple color and it was in this collection all dolled up in hearts, lol.  BLUE is my FAVORITE color so I just couldn't pass this up - it's so pretty with a bit of glitter.

Again, I compared the eyeliner to another one I have called 'Pin Up' by Jemma Kidd (below)

L to R: 'Pin Up' and 'Petrol Blue'

The day of the collection launch the MAC girls were dressed up for the occasion with their Archie shirts on and they looked so cute.  

As you can see I didn't purchase many items.  I was really excited for the Veronica heart powder, but of course it was sold out immediately.  

Click on the links below to view more of the collection and swatches. 

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