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Inglot Cosmetics 

#79 Gel Liner (RED) and Duraline 9ml/0.30 oz


Duraline is such a great tool to have because it converts any gel liner from dry to wet.  I've been loving it as well as #75 Gel liner.  It's such a rich red matte color.  I've used it as a lip liner and lipstain.  These liners are smudge and water proof so once it drys it's very hard to remove.  I suggest to use a good makeup remover.

** When applying the Duraline, use one drop to your gel liner and brush it on your hand before applying to your face/eyes. **
I paid $8.27 for the gel liner (original price $12.00) and $6.43 for the duraline (original price $9.00)


Z-palette is great for anyone to use.  It can hold twice what any other palette can (depending on what/shapes you add).  I love this palette because you can customize it by adding eyeshadow, blush & lipstick.  This is actually the NEW palette so it comes with magnets (enclosed above) so even if your pan doesn't stick - now it will.  All you have to do is stick one of the enclosed to the back of your pan and whaalaa.

** I actually purchased this palette for my mom to customize for her as a Mother's Day present. **

Lipchic (left) and Ben Nye Final Seal (Right)

Lipchick is a lipstick sealer.  How to use this tool is very easy.  Apply your lipstick, dab your lips on a tissue and then apply the lipchick.  It's suppose to help keep your lipstick in tact all day.

* I have only used this product once and noticed that it didn't seal my lip color, but reduce the color so if I kissed my hand not so much product when on it.  I'm still testing it.*

Ben Nye is a makeup sealer.  You spray it at least 8-10 inches from your face and wait until it drys.  This will lock your makeover from melting.  The scent & feeling of this product reminds me of Colgate.  It feels like a cool mint, but doesn't have a strong scent.   Repeat spray if necessary.  

* I've only used it once but will be using it now that the heat is kicking in. *

MUD Cosmetics:

'Lady Bug' lipstick (4.2g/1.48oz) and 'Red' Lip Pencil (1.1g/.04oz)

Beautiful Colors!!!

Swatches: Lip pencil (Left) is soft and Lipstick (Right) is in Satin & Vibrant

Refill Blush 'Glow'

Color: sheer peach with golden shimmer

Left: Lady Bug (MUD)/Right: Lady Bug (MAC)

MUD's packaging seems smaller than MAC so of course I had to compare.  Both products are the same amount and size yet the logo is in different areas.
L TO R: MAC 'Red She Said' & 'Lady Bug' lipstick/MUD 'Red' lip pencil & 'Lady Bug' lipstick

MAC's 'Lady Bug' is one of my favorite red lipstick's (and I can't forget Ruby Woo).  It's a color I use all year round.  Therefore, I started to compare colors.  MAC 'Red She Said' is the closest swatch to MUD's 'Lady Bug.' but it's discontinued.  

Since I purchased these products at the show, I have been using and LOVING it.  It's long lasting so no constant retouching and the best part it doesn't "bleed" so no extra adding around the lips is necessary.  I also like the packaging - it tells you what MUD tools you can use to apply the lipstick.  

MUD was offering 40% off - I paid $7.80 for the lip pencil (original price $13); $9.00 for the lipstick (original price $15) and $7.80 for the blush (original $13). 

I'm wearing MUD's lipstick 'Lady Bug' and lip liner 'Red'


Cream Convertible lip/blush 'Gerbera', Kajal eyeliner 'Onyx'; and Lip Liner 'Obsessed'

I LOVE Stila Cosmetics.  It's one of the first cosmetic company I used when I began to blanch out from using only one company.  Anyhow, my favorite of the bunch is the convertible blush - Gerbera.  This color is GORGEOUS!!!  
** Stila was offering a GREAT deal at the Makeup Show for all 9 Convertible blushes at $99.00.  That's $11 each (original price $25 each). **
'Onyx' is one of the deepest black color I have seen or had.  It's great to use as a base on the eyelid and darken your water line for that BOLD edgy look.
'Obsessed' lip liner is such a vibrant pink great for the summer and "pop" colors.

Armor Cosmetics:

I LOVE Amour lipgloss especially this NEW spring color "LUCY."  It's a bright vibrant orange as you can see above.  What I like the most about this brand it's light on the lips - not sticky at all and it's long lasting. My only regret was not buying 'Marilyn.'  It was 2 for $25 (original $21 each).  
** Great news - they are located in Brooklyn, NY. 

Lime Crime Cosmetics:

Carousel Gloss 'Apple Candy' (3.5 g/0.12 oz)

I purchased Lime Crime at the Naimes booth for $11.00...I think...(original price$16.99 each).  This color is described as a deep ruby red with intense sparkles and pigmentation.  Lime Crime is a company known for it's vibrant colors and being cruelty-free/vegan.  The product doesn't have a scent and it doesn't feel too heavy on the lips.

MAC Cosmetics:

I was being really good at MAC - I guess because I lost my phone and was GOING CRAZY looking for it.  I finally found it at the NARS counter.....errrrr.......
Anyways, I only bought #44 false eyelashes for $8.00 (original price $14).  These lashes are very full and dramatic.

I truly LOVE O.C.C. nail polish!!!  The color lasts a long time from chipping, pigmented (as you can see) and it drys quickly.  This is my favorite color from its SPRING Collection.  O.C.C also have satin, matte & metallic with sheer and opaque finish.  I paid $5.00 each (original $8.00).

Femme is a beautiful pink color described as a flamingo shimmery pink.  
*I purchased the nail polish as a gift to my mother.*

'Queen' (Left) and 'Butch' (Right)

Butch is a discontinued color that O.C.C. was reselling only at IMATS.  I didn't buy it at IMATS.  I purchased it at the store a few days before the Makeup Show.  I would describe this color as a grape/lavendar - very pretty.

Queen is a beautiful color described as a neon red/coral.
I paid $10 for each lip tar (originally $14 each).

Eye Kandy 

Eye Kandy Starter Kit

This set includes a bottle of sugar base, 3 glitters of your choice (85 colors to choose from) and a small applicator brush placed inside a white transparent mesh bag for $25 or $30 dollars.  Each container is $6.00.  The colors of my choice are:


This color is described as a holographic silver.  It reminds me of MAC's Pro Glitter 3D Silver - pretty.

'Tootie Fruitie'

This color is described as a warm rose pink - very very pretty and it's actually my favorite (followed by Confetti). 

'Candy Coin'

This color is described as a bright gold. 

The way these products work is you use the sugar base to apply the glitter.  It helps prevent fall outs.  The glitter comes in 3 cuts: super fine (sf), fine (f) and sugars.  Sugars is a translucent glitter with a hint of color.  Check out there website to find out more information.  

I have two downside using the sugar base.  It has a lid over it with a very small hole so only a thin tip brush can be poked in.  I've tried several times to remove it but have been unsuccessful.  Now I use a small bowl and pour it (eyeball not to over do it).  The other downside is poking a brush in the base then glitter and continue going back and forth is how you can pass bacteria and infection to your eyes especially if you use it on others.  In addition to using a bowl to pour the base in I use another small bowl for water.  This way I apply water before and after every use.

Other then this I have been enjoying and loving these glitters. 

Glitter Tattoo:

This is a starter kit I purchased for $50 and it comes with the glitter, glue and stencils/tattoos.  In addition, I purchased 50 more stencils/tattoos for $20 more.  This company is located in LA (hopefully will open a store in NY).  There glitters are water resistant so it LAST A LONG TIME (7 to 10 days) and have vibrant colors. 

Auraline Beauty:

Pro Black 168 Powder/Foundation Brush/Lipgloss Lto R: Crimson Pearl, Pink Taffy and Sunburst

L to R: Crimson Pearl (raspberry); Pink Taffy (pale pink) and Sunburst (orange/apricot)

Auraline Beauty is a private labeling company located in L.A.  This company sells from foundation, powder, brushes, lipsticks, lipglosses, palettes for the eyes and face including foundation and tools.  It also sells wholesale.  I never heard of this company until the Makeup Show and I must say I LOVE IT.  

This brush is made of goat hair and I have been using it ever since I purchased it as a multi-use brush.  I've used it from liquid to cream foundation/blush, contouring and highlighting.  I just can't stop RAVING about this brush.  I paid $10 (original price $13.50).   It's very similar to MAC's 108 except it doesn't shed as much as the 108.  

Auraline have soft bristles including goat, taklon, badger, pony, squirrel and sable.  All are chosen to be hand-craft for process.  They also have different kind of brushes besides the Pro Black.

The lip gloss have a bit shimmer and the texture is a bit thick.  The only down side I have is the wand - I'm not crazy about it all.  I paid 5/$20 (original price $4.50) hmmm....I didn't get no deal breaker here, but I bought for my kit & to sell.

Bdellium Tools:

Bdellium Tools Professional Antibacterial Makeup Brush Studio Line - Angled Face 990

Original Price $20.00...yup I only paid $11

Look at the size of the brush compare to my other angled brushes...

OMG - I can't believe how much I fell in love with this brush!!! :)  I have been using it everyday with my Cargo 'Miami Beach' Blush Trio.  I love its soft bristle and yellow handle of course.

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