Sunday, January 29, 2012

What is your best WATER PROOF MASCARA?

When I first started wearing makeup, I always used waterproof mascara.  I thought it was the bomb! LOL.  The only thing I hated about waterproof mascara was when it was time to remove it.  Thank god that time has changed and huge improvement has been made.  

Cover Girl launched its NEW 24 Hour Lashblast mascara and I must say it WORKS.
This mascara lasts long, doesn't leave no lumps or fall outs, comes in 7 shades, affordable and the best part it's easy to remove!!!! 

The funny part was after the 3rd day wearing it, I had a personal situation and yes I cried and cried not caring about my makeup.  When I finally calmed down, I went to clean my face and was shocked that my mascara didn't run at all.  That was all the proof I needed :)  

The only downside I have with this product is the smell, but other than that I highly recommend it.

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