Sunday, January 22, 2012

Foundation for "Older Skin"

My mom is proud to say she is 62 years old and I don't blame her!!!  

She loves makeup (I wonder where I get my obsession from hmmm...), but she is not too 'BIG' on drug store products especially foundation. 

After experimenting with Revlon's NEW Photo Airbrush Foundation and LOVING it, I was bragging to her how she should try it.  After several attempts, I finally convinced her and WAaLAa.  In fact, to make her feel comfortable, I applied Revlon Foundation on the LEFT side and Eve Pearl Liquid Foundation on the Right you see any difference?!?!?  

I'm just LOVING this foundation - - - GOOD JOB REVLON!!!!


  1. Hey,

    That's great that you've got your mom to pose with these foundations. How do powder foundations work out for her? I'm loving Smashbox HALO which also has anti-aging ingredients.

    kind regards,

    1. Hi Carmen, my mom uses powder foundation everyday and she loves it. I think she uses Lancom and Eve Pearl's HD Powder. I wanted to share with her how affordable products can also do the trick. Thanks.