Monday, April 11, 2011

Eve Pearl's Cosmetics


As I mentioned before, I did Eve Pearl's Internship for the Internal Beauty Show (IBS) in March.  I was completely BLOWN AWAY how amazing her products work!!!  The funny thing is that I never used it on myself, lol.  A few days after IBS, my first customer was my mom.  She's so cute!!  She was completely excited to try this brand.  The results was superb (except her eye began to tear non-stop after) but most importantly she liked it.  

My mom for her birthday.  Happy 61!!!!!

I had an event coming up and I said to myself "I must finally try this product on me!!"  My little cousin was having a birthday bash so I knew this was a perfect time to just go for it.  This was my final look -

What do you think?!?!

Johanna, the birthday girl hosted her birthday bash at a club and I was so shocked how my makeup didn't cake, which is always a +

Birthday girl in the middle

See how FLAWLESS my skin looks????  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A few hours passed and my skin still looked fresh, my makeup was still in tacked and I continued to party with no touch up. 

E.P Moisturizer + Primer
E.P H.D Foundation 'Medium'
E.P Loose Powder 
E.P Cream Blush 'Ruby' (LOVE!)
E.P 'Sassy' (Medium) Blush (over 'Ruby)

E.P. Velvet Eye Palette

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