Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blue (L'oreal Duo 'Showy')

This is such a beautiful, inexpensive, vibrant 2 color duo from L'oreal that can be purchased at your local drug store, ultra (online) or ACW (online).  One side is a dark blue and the other side is a light blue more like a turquoise.

Urban Decay Eye Potion
NYX Jumbo Pencil 'Milk' covering the entire eye (under brow bone, crease & lid) & on the waterline
L'oreal Duo 'Showy' light blue on lid
L'oreal Duo 'Showy' dark blue on crease
Urban Decay Alice in the Wonderland Palette using a bit 'Jabberwock' (Black) on crease blending up
L'oreal #956 'Midnight' fluid line on top lash line (eyeliner)
MAC Glitter Eyeliner 'Girl Groove' (Limited from the Hello Kitty Line) over 'midnight' on top lash line
L'oreal Duo dark blue on lower lash line
MAC 'Plush' mascara

MAC 'Red Full Body' lipstick (L)
Coastal Scents lip gloss 'Sweet Anna' (I love this lip gloss by the way ---very pretty)
MAC lip liner 'Cedar'

Coastal Scents 10 Blush Palette (no name of colors) - I have the brightest pink

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