Wednesday, January 7, 2015

ColourPop Cosmetics

Colourpop is a new sensational brand that is affordable retailing at $5 each.  It has hit all over social media and everyone praise the brand for its pigmentation, long lasting and don't forget affordable products.  

It's an online brand located in California and currently sells a variety of eye shadow (pigment) colors in mix textures such as matte, metallic and satin; lip liners; and lipsticks.   They're also an animal free cruelty organization.  I strongly believe this brand will continue to grow to much more and I wish them all the best!

I first heard of ColourPop on YouTube by Danni from CoffeebreakwithDanni - she's so adorable.  She gave a very good review and I was immediately hooked, but didn't jump on the band wagon until December.  It was my treat for Christmas.

Although I've never tried the pigments until now, I always compared it (in my head) to MAC's limited Electric Cool Eye ShadowsThe texture sure does resemble since they're both soft and buttery. However, ColourPop is even softer, pigmented and cheaper.  You can use your finger or a brush to apply.  I find it easier using your finger when applying the metallic finish colors and a brush for the others.

The products are nicely packed in a white box and has big purple lettering.  The inside is surrounded by foam and paper for protection.  I love how Colourpop insert a personal note thanking there customers.  I was even more happy that they spelled my name correctly, lol. 

Swatches - no primer or based applied

I purchased a small order (for now) that includes: Limited Holiday 4 pigments set by Megan Naik; 3 pigments from the permanent collection; 1 lip liner & 1 lipstick.  

The Megan Naik collection was a collaboration.  I am not sure who is Megan or if she's a blogger and/or YouTuber.  I goggled her name, but never found her.   
The set includes (swatches above)/Left to Right: 
  • Onai - white w/blue violet opalescent duo chrome (Satin Finish)
  • Amira - antique gold (Metallic Finish)
  • Lectra - deep burgundy w/pink violet glitter (Metallic Finish)
  • Farah - deep brown (Matte Finish)
This collection is beautiful!!!  I love the color combination and how it's mix with matte, satin and shimmer.  Great job Megan!  This set cost $20. 

Lip Pencil 'LBB' and Matte Lipstick 'LBB"

The lip pencil and lipstick are a matte finish, but has such a rich and creamy texture that it softly glides on your lips.  The color is described as a rich plum wine and it's so pretty.

L to R: Sunnies; Get Lucky; and Amaze

  • Sunnies - Juicy vibrant orange with a satin finish
  • Get Lucky- intense ultra-metallic, liquid-like true gold
  • Amaze - Metallic rose gold with multi-colored multi-dimensional glitter.
Swatches (no primer or based applied) 

It is very important to keep the lid on and closed at all times when not being in used.  The texture of these pigments are so soft and buttery yet "wet" it can dry quickly.  In addition to it's texture, you must be careful where you store it because it can easily break.

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