Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MAC Cosmetics Haul: Alluring Aquatic; The Waterproof Brow; and 3D Glitter

Alluring Aquatic Collection:

Lets talk about the packaging - B E A U T I F U L!!!

The packaging has water drops engraved on the box, lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush and bronzer.
Throughout the entire collection, I must say the eyeshadows were my favorite!  However, I am still re-cooperating from the Makeup Show so I only purchased 2 eyeshadows.

Left: Legendary Lure / Right: Sea Worship

  • Legendary Lure e/s reminds me so much of a color that came in a Too Face Limited Holiday Collection Palette.  It's a very pretty blue with a mix of silver/gray.
  • Sea Worship is a pretty antique gold with a hint of green/brown.

Lipstick 'Enchanted One'

This lipstick is a matte neutral color.  I love it!  On some complexions, it may look pink or nude.

Lipgloss 'Water Deities'

This gloss is so pretty!  It reminds me of 'Love Nectar' except the formula is different of course.  This gloss has more metallic.  It can be used alone or over any lip color. 

Eye Liner 'Black Line'
This color is pretty too :)  It glides on like butter.  The color is brown with a hint of Gold.  It actually reminds me of MAC's limited edition pigment 'Black Ore.'

Swatches/L to R: 'Black Line' e/l; 'Water Deities' l/g;
'Enchanted One' l/s; 'Legendary Lure' e/s; & 'Sea Worship' e/s

Blush: Seduced At Sea

I didn't have no interest in purchasing any blush, but I couldn't resist :)  This color reminds me of a color I love in my kit from Coastal Scents.  The two blush colors in this collection are very similar except one is a bit lighter than the other.

The Waterproof Brow:

L to R: Pro Longwar Waterproof Brow Set 'Toasted Almond' and Brow Gel Fluidline 'Dirty Blonde'
I was sketchy about purchasing 'Dirty Blonde' because I picked up 2 jars from Anastasia at the Makeup Show: 'Blonde' and 'Chocolate.'  Since my eyebrows are naturally dark, packing on 'Blonde' can make it look ashy gray ('Blonde' works well on natural blonde hair).  

MAC's 'Dirty Blonde' works perfect!  The color has more of a warm blonde/brown and it compliments me.This has become my go-to-everyday product for my brows :)

I was super excited about this collection because I was told and heard thru the grape vine that the formula was great.  It's waterproof!  The brush applicator is small enough to really get in your brow hairs.  And, yes, I love it too!

3D Glitter:

L to R: 3D Pink, Platinum; Lavender; and Black

Swatches/L to R: 3D Black, Lavender, Platinum and Pink