Sunday, May 18, 2014

I.M.A.T.S NY 2014

My Goodies :)

Returning home from the show -Tired!

IMATS was CRAZY but as always such a wonderful event.  I was honored to rejoin Eve Pearl Cosmetics and team for the 4th year. 

*I have attached pictures at the end*

For the first time ever, 3 brands joined NYC IMATS and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we were so excited to welcome Sugar Pill, Sigma and Lime Crime Cosmetics.  The waiting lines especially for the 3 new brands were crazy!  Lime Crime's line went outside of the building and the wait time was between 2 to 3 hours.  

I kept my list very short because it's very hard to shop when you're working.  Thankfully many vendors were nice enough to hold my products to the end of the show so this way I can enjoy my breaks off my feet.  Unfortunately, not every vendor were so generous :(  

Lime Crime
I had to wait until the last minute before the show was officially over due to the long line.  Lime Crime didn't provide a discount so I only purchased: 
  • Velvetine 'Salem'
  • Liquid Eyeliner 'Blue Milk'
  • Lipstick 'Cosmopop'   
I LOVE Lime Crime's shopping bag.  It was so pretty and colorful. 

ALL Liquid products are WET
ALL Liquid products are DRY

I passed my fingers over the swatches after it dried and none of the colors moved.  The velvetine doesn't dry too fast so you have to be careful while it's wet. I love this brand.

*Kat Von D's long lasting lipstick drys faster*

I only purchased the cleaning brush glove because the brushes I wanted were sold out :(  Sigma provided many samples in there shopping bag and I must say I liked more the samples than my purchase.  
Purple Glove
This glove is huge and heavy for my small hands, but it gets the job done.  It comes in 4 colors. 

I have a $5 OFF Coupon for the Glove  - Use Code: SPAGLOVE.  It expires 12/31/14 

Samples :)
Sigma was very generous with samples from eyeshadows; blush; highlighters; brow colors; and concealer/corrector  
Sample of Blush, highlight & Contour

Mini/Traveling Glove in Pink; Traveling Size blending brush E25; and Traveling Size Eyeliner brush E05
These 3 mini traveling sizes are my favorite.  I love it especially the eyeliner brush.

Alcone is always a MUST for me to stop at.  I picked up:
  • Makeup wipe remover 
  • Koren Zander aka 'Koren' brush cleanser soap 'Apricot' (it smells delicious!) 
  • Pro Z-Palette

Sugar Pill
Everyone who worked at this booth had a smile and were friendly. I bought:
  • Electro pigment in 'Super Charged' (neon orange color)
  • False Eyelashes 'Toxic'

Toxic has a hint of green on the lashes
w/o Flash

Royal & Lingernickle 
  • Revolution Brush BX-35
I love this brush!  It's great to use for sculpting and contouring the face as well as highlighting.  The handle is soft and gives a good grip when holding.
I really want to start playing again with face painting so I bought:
  • #3
  • #6
  • White Paint

I was blown away with the size of there unofficial "Z Palette" especially the price was 2 for $15 or $17. 
Comparison - the Z Pro Palette over CCi's Palette
The ladies at CCi's were packing their both because they needed to catch their flight to go back home.  They were really nice to give me these freebees :)

A few pics - enjoy.


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