Monday, March 17, 2014

Holy Grail Foundation - BECCA

Becca Cosmetics - it's perfect!
BECCA Ultimate Coverage Complexion Creme

OMG, where do I begin?!?!?!  Ok, I was watching a video on YouTube about a full coverage yet LIGHTWEIGHT foundation from Becca. I immediately thought of Kat Von D. - Lock-It Tattoo Foundation.  K.V.D's foundation is full coverage but feels heavy at least for me on the skin.  Overall, it gives a flawless application. 
*Recommendation - if you have never tried K.V.D, I suggest for you to get color match and ask for a sample before purchasing it.  

About the brand:
Becca is a brand from Australia and it's sold in most Sephora's and Macy's.  It's an amazing brand with great products.  

About the Foundation:
This foundation gives full coverage yet it's lightweight on the skin because it contains a mix of water and pigment.  It covers most skin imperfection such as acne, acne scars, dark spots, etc. It also hydrates the face, which helps the application lasts a long time without any need of reapplying and not clogging the pores.  The packaging is in a bottle that has a pump.  It contains 30 ml/1.0 oz, comes in a range of 20 colors (light to deep complexion) and retails at $44.00.  This does have a smell not so pleasant but manageable.  It's describe to be used on any skin types.     

How to Use:
All you need is 1 pump, which will cover your entire face and neck.  This foundation dries nicely BUT quickly so you must BLEND FAST!  I like to use my beauty blender (as an alternate tool you can use a large non-latex damp sponge).  If you're a "take my time" gal then using a brush of your choice to help blend the foundation evenly and then go over with your beauty blender.  I also like to use my Sigma F84 or Sedona Lace FB07 brush to apply.   

In addition to providing full coverage and not feeling heavy on the skin the BEST part for me and all eye glasses users is for the first time I found a foundation that stays on my skin and not on my glasses. Amazing!  
*I'm in the color "NUDE" (MAC NC30)

This foundation is not for someone who suffers with large pores.  Benefit PoreProfessional helps reduce the appearance of pores. 

Also, check out Dani's review on the product.  She's awesome!

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  1. Never heard of that brand before. Sounds like a good product!