Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

If you guessed it, you're right, I went dressed as Ms. Freddy Krueger!!!

I had fun doing this look (not so much removing it!) and it took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I had to pick up my boys from school and I really wanted to give them a SCARE.  


  • Toilet tissue
  • Liquid latex
  • 3D Gel (Mehron's Inc.)
  • Blow Dryer
  • Tweezers/Scissors 
  • Foundation
  • ELF 100 e/s Palette
  • Paradise Body Paint (Mehron's Inc)
First, apply the liquid latex to your face.  Be careful applying on sensitive areas like near your eyes. Then apply pieces of tissue at a time; Repeat.  Wait until dry or use a blow dryer on COOL not hot to fasten.  Next, using a tweezer/scissor pull or cut small holes and circles (BE EXTREME CAREFUL NOT TO HURT YOURSELF).  Then go over your face using your foundation.  Now using red & maroon e/s from my ELF 100 e/s palette to color in the holes and a dark brown & light brown to fill around the holes.  This will give it more an effect.  Using Mehron's Paradise Body Paint, I used the "red" to fill in over the red/maroon e/s and on my jaw line and the "brown" to go over the brown e/s and in my hair line.  Last, using Mehron's 3D Gel to fill in all over the "red."  This will make to look more realistic. 

My son Ethan is so funny, he told me "since when Freddy carries a purse?!?...Smart Ass.....LMAO

Now, for my prettier side, lol, I used the following:

  • Revlon Color Stay Foundation
  • Eve Pearl HD Powder
  • MAC blush 'Blunt' to contour 
  • Bitchslap Cosmetics Psychodelic Wheel '8 Ball' on my cheek
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish 'Soft and Gentle" as my highlighter (my favorite!!!)
B.S.C 8 Ball
  • MAC Lipliner 'Chestnut'
  • MAC lipstick 'Full Body' (my favorite!)
  • MAC lipglass 'Lustre White'


Using my ELF 100 e/s palette, I combined the red/maroon e/s shadow to use on my crease; dark brown e/s on my outer crease; black e/s to create a V on the outer crease and blend and last a bit shimmery yellow/eggshell e/s on my brow bone.  I added a pair of NYX false eyelashes and mascara.  On my lower lashline, I repeated the colors from above..

On the burnt side, just using dark brown and purple and a bit of red all over the eye and under.

ELF 100 e/s palette - maroon (left) and red (right) eyeshadow

Brown/Purple eyeshadow

Don't you just love my Freddy Hello Kitty...she's so cute!!!  I was eying this ALL SUMMER but I thought it was a bit pricy.  Finally, when I returned to work in September this was my first purchase.  I paid $16.00 incl S&H, which I still think it was too pricey but it's so cute.

I was TRYING to portray a man, but the wig I bought sucked and the makeup should have been a bit more and darker.  Oh, well, I'll try

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