Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sugar Pill Cosmetics Review

I finally purchased 2 loose eye shadows from Sugar Pill Cosmetics.  I had bought a sample prior and immediately fell in love with this line.  Amy, the owner is great!!!  I had sent her a few questions in the past and she was quick to respond and even helped me when I was having trouble with my browser by suggesting Firefox and it worked (just in case you have the same problem)!  The shipping & handling is quick and the packaging extremely cute!!!  

This line carries eye shadows (pressed powder), pigments (loose eyeshadow), 4 e/s palettes and false eyelashes.  The colors run from matte to veluxe pearl, but most importantly it gives a GREAT PAYOFF.
Check out the website - it will be worth your wild -


the logo (cat) stamped on the box (too cute!) and the items are wrapped in pink tissue

Sugar Pill sticker, business card and card enclosed

look @ her business card on the top left hand side 2 adorable!  The design & logo is printed on the cap (no sticker)

2 loose eye shadows: Goldilux (top) and Stella (bottom)

each jar contains 5 grams of product (that's a lot!) & it cost $12.00 each

There has been "talk" with Sugar Pill vs. Inglot Cosmetics to which brand gives a better payoff.  I love both brands!!!! Inglot has more a variety of colors as to Sugar Pill.  However, Sugar Pill Cosmetics is more pigmented.   Inglot Cosmetics is growing so rapidly that it can be purchased almost everywhere in the world now besides ordering online as to Sugar Pill you must (PS Sugar Pill is sold on Ebay!).  As I mentioned before, ordering from Sugar Pill was simple, easy & fast!.  I highly recommend this brand.

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