Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my sister Karina!!!!


I'm so happy to spend time with my sister Karina on her birthday.  We are both busy with our back to back children and our busy lives, which mainly takes both of our time.  So it was very nice just to have "my" time and being together.  We went shopping and did a lot of window shopping, lol, but it's all good, hahahaha.  I took my sister to MAC to get a makeover and oh, boy, so much have changed in MAC.  I was very disappointed cause as a paying customer you get use to ("spoiled") having it one way and when that is scratched out well it's a disappointment.  Back then you received a complimentary "free" makeover as long as you spent over $50.00, which anyone whose shopped in MAC most def know you will go over so it was a "sweet" deal.  Now, if you want to get a makeover at a MAC Store, you must pay a fee of $50.00 to get your makeup done and you will receive a free mascara.  In addition, if you want to purchase items, which is not mandatory then you pay $50.00 for your makeover and the cost of your purchase.  I was upset but got over it quickly, however, after making our purchases, I asked for a sample of a pigment and was told "we don't give samples."  That response just completely made me mad all over again...UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!  So we strolled over to MAC in Macy's and thank god they still have sense (flexibility).  You can receive a complimentary makeover as long as you purchase 5 items.  Karina is a huge Wonder Woman fan but most of there collection was SOLD OUT so what's the next best thing - Lady Gaga.  We liked her soft yet smokey look on her board ad so I thought it would be a nice look for my sister.


lady gaga ,lady gaga Viva Glam

The Lady Gaga NEW lipstick is really pretty.  I thought it was darker based on the ad, but up close it's lighter and glides on beautiful.

** A similar color to the NEW Lady Gaga is NYX Round Lipstick 'Rea.' **

I didn't purchase it, but Karina did and again it's a very pretty color.  I did purchase items from the Wonder Woman's Collection: Mineralize Skinfinish 'Pink Power'; Lipglass 'Athena's Kisses' (bright fuchsia) for me and 'Secret Identity' (soft brown/copper) as a b-day gift for Karina and it went very well over Gaga's lipstick; and last 4 e/s palette 'Valiant' (green colors).  So after Karina and I made our purchases, I asked if I can get a sample of a pigment and she asked for a glitter and we were given our samples UNBELIEVABLE!!!  I got 'Marine Ultra' pigment (dk blue/violet) and Karina got 'Reflects Bronze' glitter (bronze/gold) both gorgeous colors.

** I also bought Too Faced NEW Insurance Shadow Glitter Primer...OMG...this product is AMAZING!!!!!!  I will do a review and discuss further about it. **

After hours in the mall, we were tired and exhausted so we headed home to be greeted by our brother Luis with a surprise birthday cake.

PS - so prior going to the mall, I was under the impression that my sister Karina was going to get a makeover using the Wonder Woman's Collection and/or look, but she didn't.  However, I did my makeup based on one of the biggest and baddest bitch...yup, you know....

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