Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sigma Brushes

 Sigma Brush Roll - a very nice size


Brushes for the FACE SS#150 (Powder); #187 (Foundation/Blush); #168 (Blush/Couture); #190 (Foundation/Cream)

MAC vs. Sigma #187

'Pros' of the SS Brush it's very soft and the bristles are as the same as MAC's #187
'Cons' of the SS Brush it's longer than MAC 187.  However, that may be a good thing for some.  I have short arms and little hands yet I still feel comfortable using this brush.
Overall, I love both brushes Sigma and MAC.

EYE Brushes Sigma#224; 239; 275; 252; 219; 209; and 266

                         #224                            #224                             #219
Sigma #224 and #219 are much longer than MAC's #224 & #219 but it works just the same.  In fact, these are my 2 favorite brushes and I use it more than MAC.  At first, I wasn't feeling SS #224 & #219 cause the bristles didn't look like MAC's but as soon as I tried it I FELL IN LOVE - it's so soft and blends so nicely.  Besides using #219 for smudging or smoking out the eye, I also like the pay off using it for the lips especially using dark colors like RED.  Therefore, I now use SS #219 for the eye and MAC #219 for lips (it scratches the eye a bit but works beautiful for the lips).
Sigma has now expand themselves to makeup collection, small traveling brushes sets and much more cute accessories.  I have not yet tried there makeup collection because I've been trying out different makeup lines, but I most definitely will make it my business to do so.  Since I want to share my love for the brushes to those who've have not heard of Sigma, I'm including there NEW line of Makeup Collection that was just recently released below.  If you're a Youtube user - you should subscribe to Sigma Makeup to enter there monthly contest and win FREE Makeup Kits/Brushes/Others.  In addition, Sigma share tips on there Youtube channel.

Check out Sigma on Youtube:

Check out Tiffany's Youtube showing Sigma Makeup Collection:
Series of Looks using each palette by Tiffany:

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