Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nail Colors (summer & fall) from OPI, CQ and Zoya


Ok, I know I'm late in this, but I really want to show these beautiful colors from various makers that are perfect for the summer and fall and savings in your wallet.  I'm not a gal that spends time caring for her nails especially coloring it but now that I'm a house mom it something that I now take care of.  I use Nail Tech II ( - check out the products and video) to strengthen my nails from chipping or breaking and of course it adds such a nice shine after color as a finish touch.  It can be purchased at your local drug store (I buy mine at CVS).

Here are the colors:

These are from OPI and I must admit I bought most of it last year during the fall & winter but the colors are so nice.  I bought these from my local nail salon for $6 but OPI can be purchased at Sephora, or Ebay.
L to R (above): Taupe (very similar to Metro Chic); Charmed by a Snake (bronze/gold); Pink Flamenco (fuchsia); A Grape Fit! (grape); Pamplona Purple (eggplant)
Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow (dk green/black); and Who The Shrek Are You? (lime green)

Nicole' by OPI is a line that can be purchased at Target and retail places like it.  This is such a pretty color and it's called Respect the World it's like a turqoise/teal
*I love OPI cause the colors usually 'pop', applies & drys easily and the color last a long time w/o chipping.*

CQ is my NEW best friend in colors.  I bought it in Walmart (keep in mind that not all Walmart stores carry this line) for $2.04 during the summer.  There are so many varity of colors to chose from and overall the colors last w/o chipping.  This is a plus for me cause when I began to care and color my nails (last year), every time I went to the nail salon and used their nail color product it always chipped.  This product dries nicely not as fast as OPI but well enough for its price.  I truely recommend to anyone to check CQ out.

L to R (above): Angel #524 (very lt. pink); Purple Passion #466 (purple w/pink undertone); Passion Orange #126 (dk orange) and Electric Indigo #509 (beutiful blue)
**My favorite is Passion Orange and Electic Indigo**

Zoya is a new line to my collection.  I'm constantly hearing it on youtube and reading it on blogs so I really wanted to try it.  This is one of the NEW fall collection called Kelly (dk grey/dk puple undertone).  I purched it on ebay for $5.25
Now the picture shows to be much lighter than what it really is.  This color is actually a bit darker and has like a dark purple/blue undertone, but it's pretty.  I was amazed how fast it dried (faster than OPI) and applied easily.  Zoya most def will be something I will look into for mor colors.

w/flash it looks brighter than what it is but it's a bit darker - very pretty

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