Tuesday, November 16, 2010

E.L.F Cosmetics Haul -100 Eyeshadow Palette

Hello again,

OK, I was in my local Target like always buying the things I NEED yet I came across on what I DON'T NEED but I just couldn't help myself, lol.  The NEW ELF 100 eyeshadow Palette is only $10 dollars and it has beautiful colors.  I'm NOT showing swatches for each color because come on this palette is a complete BARGAIN so you can't lose.  However, I will show some colors that caught my eyes immediately (w/o primer or base).

Great to get or give as a present
Quantity of colors (100)
Very pretty colors
Colors are: Matte, Shimmer and Frost
Logo is not a sticker (+)
Packaging is plastic



Swatches starting from right to left         Starting this row up (swatches of the first 4 colors going up)


Last row of the palette - 3rd color from left to right (my dumb is on it) is a beautiful green with gold iridescent glitter (swatch on the 1st picture - 1st color starting from right to left).  Next, my finger is pointing to the 'Blue' which is so pretty followed by the purple below (swatches on the 1st picture). 

When I first picked up this palette this 'Blue' is what really caught my eye.  I have been playing with the colors and I must say I'm really in love with this palette.  I recommend this palette to anyone!

Happy Holidays or better said Happy Shopping...lol.

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