Monday, August 4, 2014


I have been a fan of Kat Von D. liquid lipsticks since 2012 and I LOVE it!  

In February 2014, new colors were released.  It was reformulated and resized but at the same price - $19.  Thank you K.V.D :)  I was super excited, but it was sold out the same week so I had to patiently collect my fave. 

Left & down 
  • Armageddon - carnation pink
  • MUA5 - deep raspberry (online called 'Bauhau5')
  • Lolita - dusty rose
Right & down
  • Bachelorette - dark reddish fuchsia (very similar to MAC's Relentless-Red)
  • Underage Red - bright crimson 
  • A Go-Go - bright orange-red
  • LUV - rich violet

Side by side - top to bottom - OLD to NEW tube
Design on packaging
As you can see the old packaging has a design on the top only as the new packaging has it on the entire bottle.  

  • I like the new formula because it's not as drying on the lips as the older packaging.  The older formula would leave a crack rim on the inner outer lip after drying, but the new formula doesn't do that. 

  • You're getting your money's worth because with the new packaging you get more product but at the same price as the older.  New Packaging - 0.22 oz / Old Packaging - 0.18 oz
  • The colors are pigmented 
  • The color is long lasting
  • The sponge is soft and easy to use
  • It drys fast 
  • It can be purchased at Sephora or
 I purchased the following:
  • A Go-Go
  • MUA5
  • LUV
  • Vampira
Swatches Wet - colors listed in order as described above

Swatches dried

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